Greetings from Newfoundland!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rayde, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Rayde

    Rayde New Member

    Hello folks. As the title says, i'm in Canada. I've wanted a powered bicycle for quite some time, not having the means to acquire it until recently.

    I pleasure ride/commute on a mountainbike, unassisted, and have intentions to mount a powered kit on a chopper i've been putting together since last summer.

    here's a progress shot:


  2. Dave C

    Dave C Member

    Hey there and welcome. I'm kinda curious, what sort of system do you plan for this bike?

    The Chinese rag joint sprocket adapters don't work on those mega-spoke wheels, I'm not even sure the hub-type will work, either.

    I have seen them where they leave the front wheel and change out the back for a 36 spoke wheel.
  3. Rayde

    Rayde New Member

    I'm planning on getting one of those mass produced 66cc 2 cycle china kits, or a "nice quality" 66cc 2 stroke, if one exists.

    They seem to all come with the "spoke-hub sandwich" sproket mount, which i may have to modify to work on these wheels. I'll first try to wiggle the bolts through, then smaller diameter bolts, then if all else fails (including other future methods i havent cooked up yet), i'll invest in 2 rear 36 spoke freewheel wheels. I need 2, as one is for the rear (i want gears for pedalling as well, at least i'm planning on it), and the other is flipped around, a disc brake adapter screwed onto the cassette threading, and a disc brake on the front. That's my current brake setup, although the cable isnt pictured in this older photo.