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    Ladies and gentlemen I am new to this forum and to the idea of motorized bicycles. I would appreciate some suggestions from the veterans of this site. I've ordered a 70cc engine from Dax and am looking for suggestions for the bike. I am looking for a new, inexpensive (under $150.00) multigear bike either in a cruising style or similar to the Schwinn Skyliner(which I cannot seem to locate anywhere?). A bike that has been converted by others and proven dependable and converts with few modifications or problems. This bike will be used primarily as a utiliy vehicle to get me back upstream after floating a section of river with my driftboat, although I like the idea of perhaps manually pedaling on occassion for exercise. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. Leatherneck

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    Welcome Leatherneck. I have a Skyliner and it motored fairly easily with the HT engine, although you would have to fabricate a front mount. Someone posted recently that the skyliner was being discontinued and that would be a shame, says I. has a member here and he said that they were going to order some Grubee bikes in the near future. I'm holding out for one of those for my next build.
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
    Love my Skyliner, watch craigslist in your area and you might get lucky.
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    Welcome to MBc. Pleased that you're here.
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Schwinn skyliner modifications for Dax 70cc?

    I've managed to track down a new Schwinn Skyliner at Wal-Mart and am wondering what modifications are needed to install the Dax 70cc. Any help, photos would be appreciated.
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    Is it the last of the older Skyliners (like I have) with round tubes, or one of the newer ones, with the squareish tubes? On the older style, Likearock posted a fabbed front mount with dimensions.

    EDIT: I think I'll go by the local Chinamart and and see if they have the new one in stock and see how bad the changes are. The old style motored easily.
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    Welcome to the MBc. I gotta feeling your gonna build a beauty! Share with us the pictures of your build.

    Also for a really huge input to your questions, use the search at the top of page. I searched only the word,,"skyliner" and got back 60 hits! WOW, talk about info and then you wouldn't have to wait for members to chime in! Please reply to the threads that answer your questions so they will stay near the top for the next new member.

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    I haven't picked the bike up yet, but I am lead to believe it's the newest version of this model.
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