Greetings from South Australia


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Mar 5, 2008
Hi all, the handle's martin...

Hailing from the scorching heat of Adelaide, South Australia - ive recently been looking into the (fascinating!) world of motorised bicycles. Please note i've not yet made a kit purchase - these forums seem like THE place to further my research, and i thought i'd comply with the forum's requirements to introduce myself ASAP. (BTW i think that's a great idea and wish all the forums i participated in had similar requirements!). It seems the various kits are really picking up some momentum here in Australia.

In terms of mechanical ability, ive spent a lot of time skinning my knuckles on ford V8s and at the other end of the scale, spent a lot of time working on - and cursing at - electric and glow fuel offroad RC cars. Perhaps 48cc-66cc two strokes is the happy-medium i've been looking for??

Bit of a mountain biker, having picked up a full suspension bike the other month i have a 2007 hardtail that lends itself to a motorised project.

Anyways, ive a lot of stickies to read and forums to search. Great community y'all have here, havent even spoken to anyone yet and i already feel welcome. Great work!!




Welcome to MBc.
Spend some spare time going through the Picture Gallery too! Its worth it.
There are so many advances in engines to build with, you'll see most of them in there.