Ground Control To Major Staton


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Jun 15, 2008

I picked up a high quality kill switch to replace the chinese toggle switch that came with my EH035 Staton rack mount friction kit. Only thing is, this switch has two wires and one is a ground. Well, I cant seem to locate a spot for the ground wire. I know about zero when it comes to this, but I was assuming I needed to find spot made of steel to mount this? Upon closer inspection, it appears everything on my bike is aluminum ... frame, components, handlebars etc. What should I do, or is aluminum ok? I just need a proper ground, preferably close to the handlebars. The part that grasps the handlebars would be an ideal place, but it is aluminum. Any ideas for a good ground, in a good place?:confused:

switch -;jsessionid=AYGVKV5Y1DKLPLA0WTKSM4VMDK0NCIV0?store=Main&skuId=212236
Aluminum is fine, however you want an unobstructed path back to the engine. I would suggest running a ground wire back to the engine. Things like grease in the fork bearings, or rubber mounts can keep it from working properly.

Thanks alot. It appears running it back to the engine is the best way to go. I have to run the other wire there anyway.

I went to lowes and walmart today looking for some wire (mine is too short). Ill need to splice into my existing wires and elongate them. The wires (2)coming from my kill switch are wrapped in some kind of rubber/vinyl protective sleeve. I couldnt find any wires like this. Basicly I need about 2.5 feet of this stuff, which is two wires wrapped in a blanket. Any1 know where I can find something like this? Or another alternative? Thanks.
The automotive section at walmart has tons of wire and connectors. Just get light gauge wire (16 or higher#) and a package of male/female crimp connectors.
I thought the kill switch that my Staton kit came with was fine. Simple one-wire deal that worked fine. Is he sending different kill switches with different kits?

Who knows. Staton sent me an invoice telling me I had a free, $10 upgraded kill switch on the kit I ordered. We shall see.
no i got mine from dennis kirk, link in original post.

i went to walmart and all they had was the speaker wire stuff, and single black wire but nothing in a sleeve.
The kill switch that came with my staton kit also works perfectly and looks like it will last the life of the kit itself.
I doubt you're going to find something with two wires in a sleeve. If you need the sleeve get some electrical shrink wrapping. Personally I would just twist the wires together for the last distance to the motor and secure the end of the twisted portions with small zip ties.
The kill switch that came with my staton kit also works perfectly and looks like it will last the life of the kit itself.

I was just now trying to decide what sort of wires to use (leaning toward something flat that can fit under the frame with a low profile) and holding the round wires attached to the staton supplied kill switch up to my frame. Then i toggled the switch only to find out that it doesn't mechanically toggle. Lol its broken. Glad i picked up this one, which seems bullet and hurricane proof. Also, this switch is an EOM kawasaki part that happens to fit a dirtbike i used to have. switch worked good on that, too haha.
The wires off a defunct Toaster, microwave, or TV would work. Some left-over speaker wire would also work fine. Anything that gives the spark a path that is easier than jumping the gap at the spark plug.