grubee gt5 head bolts torque

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by chancecube, May 26, 2011.

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    i have done my fair share of research on this site on torque specs..but i have a question/problem. i replaced my head gasket and torqued my head down to 12 ft pounds. i can see a gap between the head and the cylinder. i see all four bolts in the gap but scared to tighten it more. i know the gasket is aluminum and needs to be smashed on the on the lip of the head. im wondering if this isnt happening or needs more pressure to bend/seal the gasket. should i tighten till the gap goes away then back them off and then torque to 12ft pounds?

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    Warn you, don't go over 13lbs of each stud.........................

    CHINA metal SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

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    You need to match your head.

    Basically take the absolute finest grit sandpaper you can get, put it on a piece of flat glass, and work the base of the head on it in a figure 8 pattern.

    Don't take too much off, just enough to level it out.
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    sorry i was logged on to another account. my buddies...
    i sealed the head and it seems to run well. but sometimes, just sometimes. while going up a hill or when the motor starts to work harder like when it gets more pressure, im guessing, it starts to act like it miss fires. like it isnt getting any fire or is getting half fire. letting off the accelerator makes it come back but not if the compression is to high, like going up a hill. i have to pedal hard to keep the motor pulling correctly. do you think it is losing its compression when put under more stress from the scratch on the cylinder wall? it runs so great when on flat ground...
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    I just installed a high compression head on my Grubee 66cc, and can also see a small air gap around the outside of where the head mates with the jug. I only torqued them down 'Snug, but tight'. These engines are toys, don't over tourqe the head bolts, or you will be sorry. My head bolt nuts kept comming looose, so I applied red LockTight and that solved the problem.
    Did your engine act-up going up a hill before? Sounds like an carb adjustment / or small air leak to me.... If ya have a warn cylinder with scratches in it, that could be the problem with low-power output. I would purchase a new one first, along with rings for the piston.