Clutch Grubee Skyhawk clutch won't disengage - cable installed correctly.

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    This is for a Grubee Skyhawk 49cc. I'm positive my clutch cable is installed correctly - I inherited this hackjob of a bike, and I'm not all that informed about engines. I'm not completely useless, but I'm not expert. Basically, I know my clutch cable is perfectly tight, and I replaced it to make sure. I know it's routed correctly.

    When I depress the lever to disengage the clutch, it won't disengage. It's worth noting that this happened gradually over a period of an hour or so, being unnoticeable at first and dramatic presently. I'm just barely strong enough to pedal start it on flat ground, so it would be nice if I could fix it. Why won't the clutch disengage? For what it's worth, the interior of the right plate is slightly damaged - it's got a nasty gash in it but it's never been an issue before. Is it the clutch lever itself? I don't really know how the clutch works, so I don't know why it wouldn't disengage - any ideas? Thank you very much.

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    Try tightening the flower nut, if that don't fix it, check the throwout bearing.
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    Purple Haze - Thank you, but...uh, which one is the flower nut and where's the throwout bearing?

    Edit: It's worth noting that this clutch worked perfectly for several months.
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    The flower nut holds the pressure plate. Located on clutch. Remove the cover, you'll see a nut kept in place by a small screw. This screw could have loosened, causing the flower nut to back off. There are many threads on here about adjusting this nut. But your problem sounds like a loose pressure plate. Hopefully this will fix it, and you can be riding again. Most problems with these China girls are very simple to fix, hang in there, and good luck.
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    I've spent a lot of time under that cover and have found only one hexagonal nut around the central shaft, on top of the sprocket proper. I'm attaching a photo - any chance you could point it out for me? Here's the picture:

    Additionally, when I fully depress the handle, I can get her to roll, but I'm sure my clutch cable is very tight. I've noticed that the clutch lever itself, the part where it makes contact with the central shaft, is slightly worn, but not really enough to make me concerned. Is it possible to have this thing TOO tight?

    This happened only gradually after I replaced the clutch cable. Any advice? I can take more photos if required. I apologize if this question seems basic. Thank you.
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    New Cables stretch . The cable needs a little slack . Remove clutch cable from arm. Put piece of pipe on clutch arm, try to move arm . Arm moves = Clutch OK Arm Stiff, bucking bar ball needs grease