Grubee Vs Flying Horse

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Daniel_62, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Daniel_62

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    Are these 2 the same?
    SUre look the same

    looking at a Black 2 stroke for a Up coming project



  2. Sgt. Howard

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    As it happens, my first build is a flying Horse. The motors I am working with for sale are all Grubee. I have to say that as the Grubee motors I am working with come with a high-end carburator, it is hard to tell how much improvement is in the engine- but the Grubee with the newfangled carb kicks fanny over the flying horse, and I haven't even gotten the silly thing broke in yet! I suppose I ought to drop one of these carbs on my older build and see what it does, that would give the two more even footing. If you are getting the Grubee with the better carb, go for it you will not be dissappointed.
    the Old Sgt.
  3. Daniel_62

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    Ok this leads to the next question, Which carb is the High end?

    This Skyhawk I have now is a New 2009 Unit with what I think is the NT carb
    And It seems to be great


  4. Sgt. Howard

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    The carb I'm running on the Grubee is the CNS-V2. Some also call it the high speed carb.
  5. crowvise

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    many here refer to the grubee's self proclaimed 'high preformance' carb as the POS carb.
    To clarify: :poop:
    many many compaints bout this carb posted by many individuals here and a the other site.
    get the walboro one if u can find it. Much better yet, a compatable dellorto carb.
    My first build was a flying horse(stolen). My second two skyhawk gt5 w/ the so called performance carb. the intake manifold (nylon?/plastic?)adapter WILL turn into candle wax after a while. and the carb allows way too much air into it to obtain 120-150mpg. On this last build (4days running now) I've got about 20-25mpg (tank, not gallon). That is after sealing the air hose that runs into the carb's intake.
    With one of these carbs u will need to buy one of manic mechanic's billet intakes. Or buy a healthy stock of "candlewax" rings an repeatedly replace them. I haven't found a supplier for solely the rings yet. Just carb rebuild kits which will become a waste of money since you will need the adapter ring MANY times over the other rebuild components.
    To compensate for the airleaks you must run the gas mixture at it's richest setting.
    I have yet to buy a 'manic mechanic' intake manifold yet. My favorite supplier, 'pirate' as stopped carrying them. They have tons of Manic's products so I am wondering if Manic has stopped producing them.
    I am going to pick one up somewhere and give it a try before I give up on this carb since it has a larger venturi than the NT.
    Be prepared to buy an intake manifold or better yet buy a kit withOUT the CNS and use the money you saved, COMBINED with the money you'd need to spend on the intake manifold, and get a PROVEN 'Delltoro' brand carb(no need to "call" them "performance" carbs.
    Post a poll first if you're prone to believing a seller's claim.
    But also don't take but half of the negative said against the CNS to heart because half of what has been posted was from people used to the plug and play factor of the old NT carb. (not having to make more than the one adjustment of the needle clip)
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    Wanted to add that though I read the manic intake eliminates all excessive air in the fuel air/ratio I have yet to experience it myself. But it willdefinately erase the need to continously purchase nylon inserts, sealing their gap, along with the gap located at the carb's end,and air leaks alongthe area it is applied to. Also, you can use a peice of heater hose instead but that manifests the problem of the carb sliding out after a time at high speeds. So funk that.:)bowdown:bow bow bunka bow wow:devilish:)
    Even w/ a good seal (I have one at the moment)I think this carb still has much more air than it needs. Though I am no expert and hope I'm wrong. Yet onlyafter sealing the air hose that runs from the air filter to the carb would it run right. Same w/other build. so I don't think it (manic's intake)elimanates al but is definately needed to handle the end it is made for.
    Is it possible that the jet is simply the wrong size(too small) for a venturi this size and that is why so many have to run it at the bottom clip?
    I'll be buying the manic intake thurs or friday.
    I'll not give up on this carb until I've explored every possible variable, and every tangent they send me down, even though I'm getting/keeping a delltoro in the end
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    it's all in how you look at the motors.
    they are all virtually the same when you get right down to it.
    is one better than the other?
    who all depends on what day of the week and what time it was assembled.
    it's the luck of the draw with all of these motors, no matter who makes them.
    They are all manufactured and assembled in china, no matter who sells them and no matter what name is slapped on them.
  8. retromike3

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    luck of the draw

    Good point! I have had three different engines from three different suppliers and have came up with three different quality of engines.

    The lat two engines have been good for the motor but the carbs and other accessories have been of varying quality. The best motor I have got out of the three came from Kings cycles out of Canada, it ran like a top from day one. But unfortunately the motor mount broke. My current motor is a Skyhawk 66 and it seems to do okay, but the CDI was defective and I was having all kinds of trouble with the newer carburetor, so I replaced it with the one that came with my original kit. I think it's a NT. The manifold that came with my current engine seems to have been made out sheet-metal and hastily welded together. I replaced it with the original manifold that came with my first engine and it was made out of cast aluminum and is of much higher quality.

    I guess I'm going to have to start looking for another engine for a backup. I like to keep a spare engine in reserve "just in case". Unfortunately I'm all out of spares.

  9. V 35

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    I'm confused, Are all Chinese engines made by the same manufacturer ?
    I've read posts that say, in effect, ' I only run this brand ' or ' that brand is awful '

    I think the vendor is more an issue, than the brand. What good is lousy service ?

    So far, I've only built Grubee Skyhawks, with mixed results. The first engine had a stuck clutch , after dissassembly and diddling, performance improved all the way
    to dismal. Following a good run in, clutch smoothed out. Engine had much more lower end torque. The second engine makes a high speed rattle. I was told, by vendor, head gasket is expanding, and hitting piston . ? Changed head gasket, no difference, did not see scar on gasket. I can stand next to bike, rev up, revs smoothly, than vibrates bad. I think the crank is bogus, could this condition exist, and will the untouched gasket wear itself away, solving the problem, or will the crank assembly have a short, shaky life ?

    I do wish quality control was better, when I look at some of the poorly made junk
    I question the accuracy of assembly. The clutch works great, right out of box, on second engine.
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  10. retromike3

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    take your chances

    Well for the price we pay I am surprised they work at all. I figure you have a good forty percent chance of getting a unit that works flawlessly. My record was one out of three, but maybe I got a couple of lemons.

    What I have now seems to work OK, But I am not holding my breath. I am looking for a spare right now "just in case" and I am riding my pedal bikes more. I think if I do that my motor bicycle will last longer and so will I.

  11. geebt48cc

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    I have Grubee 48cc and 66cc.

    So, everythings good, but everytime I check plug, I shine flashlight down in jug, and notice that chrome lining in cylinder looks like it's chipping away?

    So?..........but all runs good!
  12. rgd48

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    whew wheeeeee!!!!

    i have the flying horse and just finished my 1st build with a grubee skyhawk. even with the carb issues on the grubee, i hit 37mph then i got scared on these narrow tires on my cannondale. this thing is every bit of what they say it is. i just need to figure out what my "no-low end" power issues are!!!!
  13. jatgm1

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    if you have an air leak it'll run real lean and fast on flat land and downhill but have not hill climbing ability or torque, and eventually the piston will burn up or it'll start dieseling and seize or something. check for an oil leak on the engine block where the intake, exhaust, head, and spark plug all connect, and if its leaking replace the gasket and sparingly use high temp rtv paste.
  14. jatgm1

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    itll also probably idle extremely high.