happy time engine, rear engine mount bolt size?

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    hi all.
    a while back, the rear mount bolt and clamp vibrated off my bike and I didn't notice it until I arrived home. the picture below is the only one i could find of what i'm talking about and it was when my bike was in its beginning phase :cool:


    The 2 bolts that come out of the engine, the clamp thingie, as well as the 2 nuts. Could anyone possibly direct me to replacements, or advise me on the correct measurements? Thanks.

    So from reading around, I believe that the bolts are 6mm. As for the length, I'll probably just measure in the morning. I saw this picture of a clamp from thatsdax


    Unfortunately I didn't get it the first time I purchased parts from there, I must have over looked it. Do they sell these in hardware stores? Or something very similar? Thanks.
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    bump, anyone know the length of the rear engine bolts?
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