Hard to find good help these days.

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    I registered here to post on a thread I was reading about boost bottles.

    It seems that good information is getting harder and harder to find these days. Do a search for something and instead of getting facts all you can find is what everyone thinks. That's all fine and dandy if all you are looking for is some good reading but when you're actually looking for a answer... the right answer.... Not so good.

    When I read things like " it's debatable " and " some ppl believe " or " I read somewhere once " it makes me think of that game we played when we were kids. You know the one where you sit in a circle, someone whispers a message into an ear and then when it gets back around the person that said it says what it started out as and the last person in line says what they thought they heard. IT's a fun game... I'm not knocking it ... just think it's the official policy of 90% of ppl that post on the net :)

    I don't think that anyone will listen to me, why would you... but really. After reading some of the things that I did.... I had to come on here and say something.

    Peace love and happiness.

    Now to find that post and say a few words.

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    I don't think I agree; maybe it can get a little "wordy" around her but there's absolutely good info to be had. And if it's not as concise as it might be, I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

    Don't worry. You will find info that you can use. You can believe that.

    See you around.
  3. home-brew

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    I'm sure that there is lots of great info to be found. I'm not disputing that. Only problem may be separating the good from the bad or finding it at all.

    What I'm going to do now is go and post on the thread what I know to be fact about what has been asked in the thread... but who is to say that my info is any good... Other than me :)

    After all that I may post a new question.
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    Welcome, Home-brew to MBc (I think). After digesting your intro, let me ask you this. Are you saying that despite their best intentions, people's opinions about subjects in this forum (as long as they are not documented as being completely factual) are in fact completely worthless? That is the way I interpreted it and I can only speak for myself, but I find it rather condescending and offensive.
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    Well, there it is.

    No offense, but reminds me about the farmer that stepped onto his neighbors field and stepped in something he wish he hadn't. Many incredibly talented and knowledgeable people on this forum willing to help and give that right answer if they know it. Hang back, look at members fields of expertise and PM them with a question, simple.:whistling:
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    Kilroy. I am not saying that any opinion is worthless. I actually stated "That's all fine and dandy if all you are looking for is some good reading" I actually quite enjoyed reading threw ppls thoughts... it's interesting to see how different ppl view things.

    I had no intention of being offensive. I was simply trying not to beat around the bush about something I see as a problem plaguing many forums.

    There are dedicated areas in most forums for chit chat and such things... The problem occurs when someone asks a straightforward question and gets poor advice that is inaccurate at best. If I think John knows the answer to that, it may be a good idea to say " I don't know but you should talk to John " Not " I read a thing John wrote 2 years ago, and I think that.... "

    If a persons intention, as you say, is to be factual then it should at least be based on something other than a faded memory of something they thought they heard once.

    If you are offended by this it's like saying what ??? I like to talk about things that I have no idea about in a factual manner so ppl will look up to me .... or some twisted thought like that. It's better for everyone if when a person doesn't know... they say they don't know.

    Nothing wrong with good conversation and speculating how things may work... Flexing the brain when you are trying to figure something out can be lots of fun. I'm just saying people should say if they are not sure what they are saying is accurate ESPECIALLY when answering a question. Agreed ?

    Cory :) are you saying that there is stuff that you don't want to step in in every field ... you just have to watch your step ? I believe that there are many knowlageable ppl on here... I did say something along those lines. I happened to come across some bad info when I was looking for something and tho I shouldn't take one thread and judge .... it seems to be really easy to find bad info.
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    home-brew, welcome from a fellow homebrewer.

    I feel if you paid for this info you would have a point. If you dont like muttling through the bull dung find a
    professional company, contact the customer service/sales rep and skip all of this fun. :smile:

    I come here to collect every idea and viewpoint, cram them into my knogin, shake vigurously (not stirred)
    and learn 10 times more than if some one figured out the answer for me.

    Believe me I know it can get fustrating when your in a hurry. With 5057 members, 11,676 threads, 125,000 posts
    I think its impossible to zero in on a text book answer.

    If you dont want to discuss it go here... http://www.boostbottleindustries.com/
    Heres his orig thread...http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=7967&highlight=boost+bottle

    Contact them if you want to believe only the manufacturer, without asking the true consumer their various opinions.
    But me, ill stick to doing a little studying. Good luck on you venture. Take care, graucho
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  8. beachcruiser

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    Good help requires seasoned MBc Veterans! This forum has plenty that will share
    their frustrations and suggested fixs to the problems they had with their engines.
    To keep us newbies from the frustrations they experienced. To be a newbie, you must
    search the threads and research the wealth of information on this site. It is not easy, so you must do your homework.Homework requires time spent looking for threads. For example, I just got a 2-stroke 70cc and was just going to throw it on my bicycle and go.
    That would have been a big mistake on my part. I searched the threads through MBc Members and low and behold I found a wealth of information...." Tips I've learned from many builds-great newbie read." ...by Skyliner 70cc and other seasoned veterans. I want to thank them all for their dedication to this forum to keep the revolution alive.
  9. home-brew,

    beachcruiser hit the nail on the head.

    Last summer after my first build, I decided to join a forum. I own a design/machine shop. I have years of experience with engines and mechanical things in general. I have the ability to make "anything" from raw stock.

    I spent one half hour examining the contents of the kit, and then one week modifying or making many parts before I even began to install the kit. The problems were obvious to me. To the non-mechanically inclined, these kits offer a myriad of challenges. Forums such as this one can be a real asset.

    Shortly after joining another forum I was branded as "condescending and offensive". They have come to realize it is my matter-of-fact way of writing and not intended to disrupt the forum. Forums are a culmination of experiences and personalities. Tread carefully on the rice paper grasshopper, or stay within your group of like-minded associates.

    If you have a lot of experience with mechanical things, join the fray and help out. If you're attempting to protect yourself from every concievable pitfall, (miss-spent dollar), regarding these engine installations...forget it, it won't happen.

    Now without sounding condescending:devilish:...A boost bottle costs less than a mediocre business lunch! Buy one and find out for yourself if it works or not.

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  10. KilroyCD

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    I believe you missed my point. I'm certainly not offended by your quest for factual information, or to add factual information to a discussion. We embrace it. That is what these forums are here for.
    The issue I had was the way it was presented. The title of the thread is a good example. One might construe that, by the mere words "Good help is hard to find", you are implying that most of the information found in these threads is suspect, and that the membership as a whole isn't really offering much. That is perhaps reading more into it than what you meant, but I assure you that I was not the only one who interpreted it that way. The tone of the post came across as condescending, and those who know me know that I don't take condescending attitudes kindly.
    That is where my objection lies. Not with your quest, but with your presentation. Perhaps words to you are purely the means by which to communicate. Words to me, mean much more. They can convey attitude. The right words can add to the meaning of the message. The wrong words detract from the experience.
  11. Hi Home Brew WELCOME to MBc!

    In this motor-sport very little is actually factual. You ask about the Boost Bottle and it would be impossible to actually get any straight facts other than it's a bottle that gives the air/fuel mixture some more room. Some would swear by it. Others don't. I swear by it incidentally but that don't mean that everyone should just because I got a good experience by it.

    But what's pretty awesome about this Motor-sport is that when you look at the entire picture,motorizing a bicycle is a rather inexpensive thing to do when you compare it to other things you can tinker on. So you can try this or try that and the 20 bucks spent on a boost bottle is worth your opinion of it.

    If you are looking for just simple facts on products you may get false info from a vendor looking for sales. You NEED the opinions of others that has BEEN THERE so you can make your own determination. And it's a rather rare thing for members to give bad advice here without an intervention that says it's bad advice.

    This is the consumer reports of motoredbikes. It's glorious.
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    Pretty well-put, LF