Harley Livewire EM


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4:05 PM
Sep 26, 2022
Clinton County Illinois
I honestly wouldn't mind having an electric motorcycle, especially for commuting to work. The issue isn't the bike itself, it's the price of these electric motorcycles that is turning people away. Even $10,000 is too much for the purpose I just outlined. A Yamaha MT03 can be had out the door for about $6,000. A Zero S, which is the closest equivalent to an MT03 in Electric motorcycles, is over $12,000 delivered. The $6000 difference in price alone pays for 84,000 miles of fuel for the MT03 at $4 a gal.
I bet the out the door total cost on a Livewire would be closer to $24,000. Harley is jacking the prices up on the whole lineup under this new Pres.