Has anyone used a cyclone e-bike mid drive kit?

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  1. I have been using direct drive hub motors from e-bikekits.com and have had good service and reliability, but I saw cyclone e-bike kits and thought, hmmm. Lighter and all gears would be usable. They have a variety of voltage motors and powers available, and a three sprocket crank unit that mounts in front of the crank, under the main down tube, as well as a single crank unit that mounts behind and below the crank set. There is also a recumbent set-up, but I'm a vertical guy. This seems to me like a pretty nice set-up, but I have no real idea as to quality and reliability. Has anyone here used their products? How were they?

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    Those kits have been around for a while. I've never used one. I've found this post about the GNG kits which is similar to the Cyclone. They both have positive and negatives. There's somebody making an upgraded mid-drive kits. http://www.lightningrodev.com/

    Here's some info from Endless Sphere's on mid-drives: http://endless-sphere.com/w/index.php/EBike_Motors_Middrive


    I know it didn't answer your question, but maybe help you make a better informed decision.

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  3. Thanks, BigBlue. I have much more to research now.