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    I like to tinker and fix stuff if I can. I have rebuilt several volkswagens over the years and love the simplicity of them. I saw an ad for these little engines and got interested. Then I saw one of these bikes in a neighbors driveway and was hooked. I ordered an engine and bought a new Schwimnn at Wallies and I am putting it together now.
    I live 5 months in Arizona and my real home is in Alberta so I can play year round. I have been a police officer, a veterinarian, a forensic toxicologist and have a private pilots licence. Just enjoying grandkids and retirement now.
    I have used this forum for info already and so I signed up today.

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    your resume sounds like mine.....varied and colorful. :grin5: Welcome, and enjoy
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    Hi Vwnut, I have a turbo 1600 vw dunebuggy waiting for spring. Welcome to Motoredbike.
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    welcome from FH :)