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    I have a question to anyone who can help! I recently bought a motorcycle headlight for my motor-bicycle and was wondering how i can go about hooking it up! It is a 12volt headlight and was wondering if there is any way to run it off engine or do i need a battery!

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    I wouldn't bother. In theory it can be done from the engine, but only at 6 volts. I don't suppose that light would be all that bright.

    When I first started I used an automotive headlight (55 watts) powered by a 14 amp-hr ATV battery. I'd charge the battery at home. The light was great, but I got tired of lugging that heavy battery around.

    Nowadays, for motoring at night, I use four of those cheap little LED bicycle headlights.
    I get them at Harbor Freight for 6.99 or something like that.

    This is enough light at practically no cost or hassle.