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    Good Morning all,

    User name AdelaideBaseCruiser and AdelaideBase are owned by the same MBc member.

    History of the name stems from a 70's band based in Eastwood SA.
    The band did one "official" gig.
    Recordings were on tape, but practice sessions only. Some of the recordings have been preserved on CD for private listening unless remaining members agree other wise.
    Music styles: R&B, Blues, etc etc.

    AdelaideBase, the name is now associated with MB's, times have changed.
    The founding member of AdelaideBase, not really sure WHO the "founding member" is, the dude that inspired it all and got it happening is no longer with us, RIP "brother".
    Anyway, incase any locals were wondering, that's where the name idea originates from and it's home city, based in Adelaide.

    My HT bikes are built using that similar edge in AB's musical inspiration, "raw and pratical with whats available to do the job as best as we can".

    The MB's I represent are Rotary Powered Products, Australia.

    Thank you all for your time and knowledge, have learnt much,
    and thank you Tom for this forum.

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  2. Mountainman

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    hi Base

    we wish you much business -- hoping that you turn on many to the MB experience down under

    I have seen some of your products carried -- nice, real nice !!!

    from up top the mountain -- good luck to you -- as you -- ride the motor bike
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    Thank you MountainMan.
  4. screaming emu

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    Welcome Base, good to see more Adelaide people joining with different styles of powered bikes other than the more popular two strokes. Happy motoring!
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    Thanks for the welcome Screaming Emu.

    All though I have to agree on the popularity of the 2-stroke "HT" Class, it's how it started out for us as well, many would not be if it was'nt for the "HT" Class ( tinkering etc )
    However there is a diverse Class of riders out there for all sorts of reasons.
    Rotary is aimed at it's particular Class of MB riders, both Electric, Petrol.