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  1. I'm new to this site, but I've built two motorbikes. Both are Staton kits, one friction drive and one chain drive. Both use the Subaru Robin 33.5cc engine. I have over 2,000 miles on the friction drive bike and had about 3,000 miles on the chain drive bike before I sold it. The friction drive bike is a Schwinn Jaguar seven speed recreation bike I've had for five years with absolutely no problems. The chain drive bike was a mountain bike with full suspension and I had to limit the gears to the back seven as I used a twist throttle and couldn't mount the shifter for the front derailieur proprely. With the engine I didn't need all the gears anyway. Heh. I altered the Staton kit quite a lot on the mountain bike, not because it didn't work well, I just love to tinker. I loved the chain drive set up on the full suspension bike for the smooth ride and the good speed (30+mph), it was like a small motorcycle to ride. The only reason I sold it was because my neighbor kept bugging me to buy it and raising the ante. The ride on the jaguar with no suspension was rough at speed, but a springer seat and seat post has made it much better.

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    Hey Mike..Welcome from Down Under..Glad to have you aboard..You obviously know your bikes well and so when you get up and running post some pics..Great forum for us and lots of smart guys who always jump in and help if we have any problems...Welcome again..See ya... Eno (Oz)