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Nov 18, 2023
Hello everybody I'm Dale,to explain the title a bit. I've been interested in motored bike for quite some time had a little extra scratch so I pulled the trigger on a full bike engine kit from a dealer it seemed like a good black Friday deal no shipping no tax what I ordered was a felt faker with the phantom 85 v3 engine with "fast shipping" my daughter ordered it for me because I'm 54 and she smart so I transfer the money to her and here we go. I will admit I am impatient man but after a couple of weeks me bugging my daughter if she's got a email with a tracking number nothing we'll I messaged the dealer and got a response we'll I guess they sold alot they were off for the holidays so they are behind cool some more time past we got a message and I actually spoke with I guess who's the owner he said the phantom 85 engine were held up in customs and it would be a couple of weeks did I want another engine and get a little refund so I did a little research.
Who is the dealer? Is it motoredlife?
I would like to know myself since there is only one authorised Zeda/Phantom dealer in the U.S. and that is in the town of Bozeman, Montana.

I don't believe you would have ordered from them since what your going through does not sound like them for one minute.

It is helpful for the forum members as well as staff to know who the bad actors are.

It sounds like another bad story from Motoredlife as I have re-read your other thread you started.
There are a couple of other "dealers" that are selling Phantoms. One of them used to be on the Phantom 85 facebook group until I IP Banned him. He also affiliates himself with the Smoliks quite closely and is the person to supplied them with a bunch of cylinders for their "Menace 85."

I won't say WHY this person was banned, but suffice it to say he is a dirt bag.

If you don't buy the Phantom from Bicycle-Engines then you bought what is essentially a non-branded version of the engine. If it is unbranded, then it won't have the real warranty or support offered by B-E, which is actually of value.