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    For some reason my account was deleted not banned just had to re register it said my email was not found so I'm here introducing myself again because I cant post until I do so! So hello to all from Cape Cod Massachusetts 44 year old American born/bred Here in America's home town of Plymouth Ma in 1967:jester: I have an 80/66engine I bought from B.G.F..com That I mounted on a 1995 Schwinn 100th Anniversary Clear Creek MT bike.

    However I didn't like the leaning forward position a MB puts you in .& the fact this particular bike has gained value since I bought it "Thank god I didn't drill any holes and I had the drill out and 1/2" away from the frame when a knock on the door stopped me from drilling a hole in the frame to mount the motor "Unless I'm pedaling' So I ended up getting a Schwinn Blue in color Beach cruiser that actually seems like it was made just for this application. Top speed Ive achieved is 38 MPH Keep in Mind I'm also 6'5" 289.5 lbs "soaking wet out of the shower no shoes or anything on actual weight. My size 14" Herman Survivors must weigh close to 8 lbs so prob closer to 300 lbs all geared up in the winter months " Not a lard azz just well proportioned. And this little motor pulls me right up steep hills no problem,Well folks that's about it for my SECOND time around on the introductions and the directions clearly state
    "Be very descriptive " & I think we've achieved that ,don't you?
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