Hello from HUdson,Fl.

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    I am a new motor biker. My first build is a Schwinn Legacy with a Grubee Gen II 50cc engine. This is the slant plug engine. I made it easy for myself by useing a custom motor mount and sprocket adaptor and sprocket from Jim at Creative Eng. I just got off the brake in fuel and now able to let it out some.I have found some other motor bikers in the area and hope to be able to ride with a group of fellow bikers.

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    welcome aboard.

    I've always liked the looks of creative engineerings sprockets and adapters.

    You'll have fun. See you around.
  3. floridaboy

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    I looked around before i started my build and found Jim at creative eng. and liked what i saw. I took my bike to him and stayed there while he made the parts. I very much enjoyed talking to him about motor bikes. He is a good source of information. This made my first build enjoyable and easy.