Hello from old guy in Davenport Iowa

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    Hello from IOWA
    I am old retired guy and like working on cars. I saw a few motorized bikes around so thought it would be fun to make one or two. So far my son and I have built 1 for us and 1 for another person. Got another kit coming
    First was on a Walmart Thrasher Fixie. Other than getting the mufler bent at a shop it was fairly easy and fun. The other was on a multi speed cruisert that took some McGivering to make engine and tank fit.
    Picked up another bike at Walmart that was less than half off due to a few scratches. However i don't think we can use the silver and white Mongoose Detain. Wheel base short..perhaps too much so and low to the ground. Will try.
    Favoring a Schwin multi-speed crusier at walmart now...if Detain doesnt work.


    Hate that Image Verifaction. Hard to tell the letters with my old eyes.

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    Howdy Iowa, We're practically neighbors as I'm a old guy in Dubuque.

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    Hi Dubuque...

    Nice toi hear from you. Waiting for the engin kit for my second build. They are addicting.

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