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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by velocipus, Jan 12, 2012.

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    an a acquaintance has re-ignited my passion for board racer style cycles. Had built a sweet little bike with a cheap Chinese engine that was such a blast. The bike had been sent off for some mods never to be seen again.

    I'm looking for that perfect frame to begin my project and I'll be going all out this time. It will be board racer style again, but we're talking shifter with NuVinci hub, disc brakes, leader style fork (if I can find or build a quality one. I hear Felt makes a nice one), custom tank... Should be a fun project.

    Anyhow. just checking in. Can't wait to read up on what y'all are up to.

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    Now, is that a "Two Wheeled Velocipus", or a "Three Wheeled Velocipus??" Seriously, welcome to MBc...you will never regret joining our band of dedicated velocipeders. Be sure to read the 'sticky notes' at the beginning of each Forum...especially this one. We have a great search function...most everything that has to do with motors, bikes, or motored bikes have been already asked and answered...just search for the Q's & A's. If you get terminally stumped on something, post your problem in the proper Forum and you will get an answer. So, Good Luck to you, and keep us posted about the progress of your build.