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    Hello from Fond du Lac,WI..I don't have a Motorized bike at this time but,will before next spring.
    I would like to try out a few before taking the plunge.Will most likely build my own unless I find a decent used MB if I can find one.

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    Welcome from Milwaukee!

    Our weathermen call Fond du Lac "Fondi", and for some reason it drives me nuts... maybe because "Fondi" sounds like "fondle", and I don't want to hear about fondling while watching the weather... :laugh4:
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    Ted Nugent was at the Fond du Lac county fair and Uncle Ted calls it "Fond du Lacky".
    Some of us call it Fondle a crak
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    Where in this "state of confusion" can a guy find more of the motor bikes?Any dealers you know of?There is one for sale down the road from me from a private seller.It is a Huffy Cranbrook. The guy did a nice job and is asking $400.
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    that's an average price, and you have the benefit of not paying shipping as well as trying it out before you buy. I easily have twice that much cash into my bike, and I'm not even done since I've had problems recently with the frame.

    There aren't a lot of dealers since these are marginally legal (they are, but you might still get questioned by police while riding)-- there are no brand-name complete gas-motorized bicycles (but there are factory-made electric bikes). Here in Wisconsin, the DMV provides for "power-assisted bicycles" classifying them along with pedal bikes-- you don't need a moped license, insurance, or registration... just a regular driver's license.

    $400 for a hobby bike is a reasonable price. If you are looking to buy one to be a vehicle, you will want something more substantial than a Cranbrook.
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    I have read that some question the "motor vehicle "thing.I feel it is pretty clear but with some confusing wording if you just quickly read through it.Kind of like the open-carry of firearms laws and the what, where, and how questions some have.I know a person can't expect the po-po to know the laws.They are not marginally legal,they are legal.It's just that they have limitations for where they can be used.Again like open carry of firearms.The LEO we sometimes have to educate on the laws and rights of the citizens they swore to serve.
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    I guess "marginally" wasn't quite the right word... I know they are legal to ride here in Wisconsin, but supposedly the laws that allow the Chinese motors to be imported into the US are getting tighter... a lot of "professional" MB builders around the US will declare that their bikes are "NOT" vehicles, merely kinetic sculptures... that's a liability thing, of course.
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    'round these parts...

    ...MB's seem to be pretty rare (SLC, UT). When I come upon law enforcement pulled over to the side of the road, I usually kill the engine and just pedal past them. Haven't wanted to push my luck.:whistling: