Hello, I just completed a motorized road bike build (Takara Kabuto). Looking 4 wheel

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    My name is Peter.

    I noticed that almost no one motorized road bikes. I thought it would be cool to try it out. I'm pretty sure it will be a lot faster/efficient due to larger wheel size, and aerodynamic position.

    My only issue right now is finding a good rear wheel. I am in need of a good, decently priced 700c fixed rear wheel. My current one is a bit questionable, and I can't seem to get all 9 bolts through the spokes. Only 7/9 are possible, no matter how I arrange it. I have 36 spoked wheel. I will ride it how it is, but I want to get a good wheel for the long term. I was thinking a 32 spoke might be the only way to get all 9 bolts to fit. Or find a wheel with a different spoke layout. I've even heard that using a thin screw and bolt, is a decent patch.