Hello to everyone from the U.K.....



Hello everyone, hope your good...

Im Aziz from the U.K and i thought you might want to see some pictures of my ride and a link to an amateur video i took and uploaded to youtube. Ive seen some of the bikes posted here and i think theyre all really cool.

This was my first bike i built, and ive learnt alot since then through many trial and error scenarios. Its not that good compared to the bikes ive seen here but it does its job and i love my bike.. I go everywhere with it, work, shops and cruising too.

Im planning to build a third one soon, the second one was better but was sadly stolen, will post some pictures for everyone when im done..

Will post pictures and video tommorrow, have to be a member for one day and post at least one post before i can..


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Aug 4, 2006
Welcome to the forum! glad to have you here! I had a scooter stolen last year, it was such a pain in the ass. We are excited to see your pics and video. I have a couple videos up on google and youtube, you can find them by searching for motorized bikes.


Hello Tom, thanks for making me feel welcome.

Sorry to hear about your bike too, you know when you make something the second time you allways improve everything dont you..

Well thats what i did, but lukilly at least i have one for now.

My next one has allready been ordered through duane at thats.

Will definetly post those pictures and vieos tommorow.


OK, heres those pictures and video link....

And heres the link to the video:


I just realised you have allready seen it tom, and luke too from the uk, while i was reading through the forums.

It so expensive for us to get an engine over here in the uk, for example
cost of engine $225
shipping $130
customs duty $70

Half decent bike cost us around $200

Then you have to get custom parts ordered that dont come with the engines like chrome intake manifold, throttle with integrated kill switch and other bits and bobs. Then you have to pay for shipping for all those extra parts, Hence the price you see..

Anyway im happy i found everyone here, this site and the people here are amazing....

My next engine is on its way and im looking for a bike dont know wether to choose alluminium or a steel frame, anyone got any ideas please..

What material would be best for less vibration thanks..


Looks good. I like all the detailed photos. You may have to pay more for the engine, but y'all've still got gobs of cool vintage motorcycles (and bicycles) over there.


To be honest etheric id rather have the freedom to ride my bike anywhere like you guys than have the cool vintages to look at anydays..


cyclemotors, it's really nice to meetya, i too have a mountainbike frame (but with bolt-ons for a retro look)...i think you've done an excellent build 8)

welcome to the MBc! 8)


Hello augi, nice to finally meet you too, ive read so many of your informative posts and thanks for the feedback....