Help! Anyone use the axle-mount kit from Staton?

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by peanut1980, May 12, 2011.

  1. peanut1980

    peanut1980 New Member

    Was curious if anyone out there uses this system. If so, does it work well?

    Kind of new here and been reading all the threads trying to decide what set-up I should go with. Need something pretty reliable as I will be using it to commute to work 16 miles one-way.

    I started tinkering around going to junk yards and what not trying to find pulleys, bearings, whatever I might can use to build something.

    I guess I sort of feel like I'm spinning my wheels(no pun intended). Wandering if I should just save my time and money and purchase a kit instead of looking for everything myself and trying to figure it out.

    Thanks for any help and suggestions you all can give!

  2. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Never used the axle mount kit... way too much money in my eyes!

    Your first install should be a stock kit so it installs somewhat easily and you get your feet wet.

    Get some experience before hand rigging your own setup and all the frustrations involved!
  3. occchopperfl

    occchopperfl Member

    I heard Statons Axel Kit is very good, just a pain to service your tire/wheel.

    Where are you located?

    Check the swap and shop - there is a complete Worksman MB 4S, just posted this morning.

  4. peanut1980

    peanut1980 New Member

    I'm in Texas. South of Dallas.

    I've acquired a 2-stroke weedeater engine from a friend. Just replaced the fuel lines and it seems to run great. Kinda small though at 18cc. It is also direct drive, no clutch.

    So, I acquired an old chain saw that doesn't run. I took the centrifugal clutch off of it. Now I need to devise a way to attach the clutch to the weedeater drive shaft. I think I can attach it, but can someone tell me if this will even work???

    I plan on a friction drive by the way. I have fabbed up a mount similar to the Staton and BMP to mount the engine, clutch, drive roller, bearings, etc...

    Is this engine too small??? I weigh 130 if that helps any.
  5. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    With an 18cc engine, it may just be too small even with correct gearing.

    It may propel you after pedaling to speed first, but it will not give you anything going up hills without full pedaling on your part

    You may be able to attach it to the driveshaft, but I am thinking it would throw off the balance and would vibrate like mad if not balanced right.
  6. strotter

    strotter Member

    Do a search on this board for "New Staton axle mounted kits"
    I give a play by play report of my set up. I love it!!