Help me identify my new bike



So i found this lovely old schwinn on craigslist, the guy i got it from claims its a 1948 typhoon but i just want to pass it by everyone on here before i go slapping a motor in it- im looking for a period correct motor for it too

it has a schwinn seat, chain guard and the wheels look like schwinn wheels- the front tire looks original brick style blackwall

the guy i got it from said he got it at edwards air force base when he got out of the service in 1966. he gave it to his son who tryed his hand at pinstriping on the seat. it looks a lot like a straight bar but ill let you be the judge!

i picked up a repop schwinn springer and a set of used bars- older style

all in all - this was a 100 dollar day!

what do you think?


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Jim H

Not sure about anything except the forks, they're definitely schwinn; the bike probably is too but I'm no expert. I like it!


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Nov 4, 2006
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Schwinn Middleweight

Hi well unless I'm wrong, that is a Schwinn Tornado. I have one, mine is a 1962 if I remember right.

As far as I know, Schwinn only made that model a few years, like 2 or 3. The timeline is about right if he got it in 66 as a 3 or 4 year old bike would be expendable.

Mine had been badly repainted black, and had the front legs of the astabula fork bent, so I repaced it with a repop springer. The fenders were missing, so I replaced them with a pair of 1958 tacky orig I found, the 9-hole rack is also a Schwinn with orig paint, but when I bought it for 6.00 it didn't have the struts.

New steel wheel set with 105's, a stem and bars to replace the lame apes that were on it, and it's a Schwinn again!

I put a 55cc china-fire in it, but these days I build pretty much all Whizzer.



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seeing as how it was 50 bucks - im pretty happy with it. i started taking it apart today, i got it a new gooseneck, new wheels and some used new style schwinn typhoon black walls. im starting to sand and paint things too.

i think the way its going maybe a 80cc is in the cards. also because it came from a millitary base i think im going to do it all olive black and white. more pics tomorrow. im going to blast the springer and paint it black, ive already painted the new gooseneck, and tomorrow ill take the fender off and start pounding on it

4 white stencle stars on the chain guard

some numbers and a big US stencil on the rear fender

and then maybe a tank!

anyone have pictures of real millitary bikes?


lets switch over to the motor side of things:

ive been working on the bike and im pretty satisfied with the direction that its going!

new wheels and tires, gooseneck, bars and just a good tune up - i love it, but every time im riding i find myself twisting the right grip...

im still on the fence with painting it or not. i know im going to make my own tank. not only for gas but to hid electronics for the light and maybe a horn...

who knows


Mike is correct, it is either a tornado or typhoon 61, or 62. For the Tornado those two years; Typhoon, one year only on that frame, 62. Either way nice find!!!
As for serial number I have the factory list which will show the exact day, month, & year it was built. PM the serial number to me and I'll get it back to you...
Engines of that time? Whizzer, but the belt won't clear the rear stays without some serious modification, Tanaka front wheel driver (Tas, free spirit, bike bug, little devil brands- same set-up), chicken power Front wheel driver(Olson & Rice), Tanaka Tas frame mount (fairly rare and hard to find), or homebuilt from a utility engine... There may be some others but these are the ones that immediately come to mind.
Enjoy it, it's a nice bikje,


thanks for the info uncle punk - would your standard dax 70 fit? easily?

ive neen riding this bike a lot, and im having a lot of fun with it as a bike, i think a motor would be pretty cool tho.

Donny G

I have a similar Schwinn with an automatic centrificul clutch and whizzer belt drive,(running a Briggs) I also have an original Die used to dimple the frame for the drive belt I'd be interested in buying that frame and fork for a hundred, if you wanna sell it you can reach me at nice to keep the odd frames and restore them plenty of regular frames around to MOD let mke know if you need any help with clutches drives or pedal start set ups here's a pic of my bike with the one way auto clutch, and pedal start