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    ok help needed to wire these lights up as it does not tell you what the brake/tail/ground wires are these are the lights


    i tried a few ways with what someone esle told me here ,is tis right set up ??if not i need help with setting wires right
    i just need to know which wire goes where
    i got
    and got black and green on the brake

    OK , i think i sorted the wires out
    yellow =running

    i set it up like with the pic and when i turn it on switch the lights come on and the brake works BUT when i turn it off i cannot get the brake lights to work only when the lights are on , i need the brake lights to come on without the tail lights being on???
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  2. KCvale

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    Just move the wire to power your brake to the other side of the switch in your drawing ;-}
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    yep took me about hour to work it out , i had to move one of the brake cables to the on switch , now got good tail/brake lights and turn signals hope there better than the Chinese cheap ones .
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    I have the same light, and I have to check it usually before mounting, but I'm pretty sure the yellow is the running, and the red is the brake.
    I also decide not to have a frame ground, but just ground to the battery. Tried it but it worked better just grounding to the battery. I'm also using a bridge rectifier. Reason: Didn't seem to create a good circuit on the frame, and got a weaker signal. Also for some reason when the battery is low not all the led's light in the tail light assembly work.
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    I took the 2 of the cheap chinese ones wired them to where I've got lights in the front and rear. I also wired in a double pole double throw switch which let's me use 6 volts during the day and 3 volts at night. Only the brake and signals get used during the day. Four 1.5 AA batteries in series for 6 volts. I only use the signal lights when other vehicles need to be alerted. The higher voltage makes the lights brighter for day time visibility. The batteries will drain faster though.

    For night time the four 1.5 AA are in series parallel for 3 volts. The lights don't need to be as bright to be visible. The 3 volt setup has more stored current which means leaving the tail light burning doesn't drain the batteries that fast. Was able to get both sets of lights for less than $20. Got the switch from some junk electronics. This is a good cheap setup if you ever want to put it on another build.

    To conclude I suggest paralleling off your signal lights and putting front signal lights on your bike.
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    to bad he does not plan on turn signals... helps if you look at the picture and read the whole post... and running a 12 volt light won't do **** at 3 or even 6 volts..
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