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    Hi, back in 1984 when I was about 13 I mounted a friction drive motor to my bmx style bike. That was really cool. Then just a couple of weeks ago a guy rode by me with a motor on his bike. I didn't even know bike engines were around anymore. So I found to my delight that the kits are cheap and look pretty easy to install. I'm going to be ordering one of the Chinese kits pretty soon and can't wait to try it out here in the Denver area..

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    Welcome ot the forum!
    Do your homework first. Check out the vendor reviews section here.
    Surf the posts in the 2 stroke and 4 stroke sections as well.
    They can be a real eye opener as to what is reliable and what is not.
    I recommend buying from a reputable dealer such as the ones listed on this site. If you choose to buy off of ebay, just consider any customer support you might need or warranty issues that might arise. ebay gives you none....