Risky's Ride Revisited- New (original) engine install

Before I had a clue about motorbikes, I bought the gas tank frame from Badberry. I wanted to build my first 2 stroke and get it street legal and plated for Florida Laws. I also bought the Badberry "BBR Tuning" performance "80 / 100cc" engine kit for my soon to be legal bike. Then I read the Florida Statutes on Moped (gas motor bikes) and found out it needed to be 50cc or less. So I shelved the BBR engine and bought a silver streak 50cc motor kit and the rest is history for the Risk's Ride and its fully legal registered Florida Motorbike that reaches 35-40 mph with ease.

I was tired of kicking that BBR kit around my garage and have all three of my Whizzers running pretty well, so I parked them under the sheets for a few weeks to finally install this 2 year old engine in a box that is obviously out of date now performance wise....but none-the-less I now pursue the installation.

More details to come. Pictures: Risky as it is now and a shot of the new engine.


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