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  1. motoraddict

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    Hi all. I finally signed up after using the resources of this great forum for the past few months. I am on my 3rd build now. This is so addicting!!!:p I want to thank all of you for the great posts and advice. Without you, I would have never tried anything but stock....Now it's starting to get fun. I use my bike to commute to work which is 18 miles each way.

  2. NunyaBidness

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    welcome aboard motoraddict
    there is a ton of info on this site
    can't wait till my motor gets here Monday
    I've been looking at pics and reading posts for 2 weeks now waiting on my motor lol
    I think I've already got builds 2-6 built in my head, from choppers to low riders to dirt bikes to long range cruiser bikes.
    I'm a real sad case, already addicted, and ain't even got not nahn motor yet ;)
  3. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    Welcome. Good to see another motor biker in Michigan.
  4. motoraddict

    motoraddict New Member

    Thanks guys for the welcome. This forum is great. Hey Simonator, it's nice to hear from another in Michigan. I haven't seen anyone else on one of these yet although I will if I sell my first one.
  5. Dizzy

    Dizzy New Member

    I'm out in parma, and i actually just saw another guy on a happy time today for the first time ever (in real life). I tried chasing him down on a regular peddle bike, but peddle power is no match and he drove away without looking back, I was disappointed. it woulda been nice to talk to anothe mb enthuseist
  6. MotoMagz

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    Hey,I'm over here by Selfrige air base.Not to far at all.Maybe we can get a ride going in the future. Lets see some pictures of your rides.MotoMagz
  7. Dizzy

    Dizzy New Member

    Selfridge air base is right around the corner from my work, are you off of E. parnell? I also got a buddy at work to get a kit as well. I ride into jackson nearly everyday.
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  8. MotoMagz

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    Not sure if you are talking about the same base?? I'm over on the east side by lake Saint Clair, a couple hours from Jackson MI. MotoMagz
  9. Dizzy

    Dizzy New Member

    aahhh, I used google earth and it showed up, but was just a big empty field near my work. I thought that was weird. Makes sense, lake st clair would probably be a good 5-6 MB ride away. Like I said though I saw another Happytime for the first time ever today, but was on a regular bike and couldn't catch him. My wife thinks I'm wierd for wanting to meet random people just cause they have a MB, she just doesn't understand the addiction.
  10. bseelbach

    bseelbach New Member

    I think i'm in the middle of most of you- Farmigton. I'm just getting into this and have been researching kits and bikes to make a purchase next week.

    Motoraddict- PM if you are still trying to sell your 1st build!! Perhaps we can works something out.
  11. Dizzy

    Dizzy New Member

    Building it is part of the fun in my opinion, plus you get to know the bike more intimatley. Then again it saves you the hassle of trying to find the right bike.

    I've thought about selling my first build a 55cc as well but I like the idea of having two. To my wife though it's a money issue.

    We should get a michigan ride b4 summer ends. I broke my collar bone and will be outta commision for abut 5 more weeks at most.

    As far as good kits for a good price, I'm not sure what your looking for but I have bought 2 kits and my buddy bought one from Luckyearlybird on ebay. They were flawless transactions, and she communicates very well. There may be better out there as I've only had my first kit for about a 2 months so I'm still new to it all too
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  12. bseelbach

    bseelbach New Member

    I agree that the build would be fun but I figure that there will be plenty of time for tinkering. I am hands on and would take it all apart anyway to familiarize.

    My real problem is finding a suitable bike. I have been on Craigslist non stop and have just (I mean 3 minutes late) missed out on some really good ones. I have also found others that were price too high for what they were. Today I called about two bikes from separate sellers that were....uhmm... most likely stolen. Young kids that had multiple bikes each for sale at the same time with good prices that needed to sell them "immediately today". To top it off they wanted to meet on street corners! I just don't care to deal with that.

    I tried out the Schwinn Jaguar in the store and really wanted to like it because of all of the use here. Unfortunately it just doesn't feel right. The bars are the main thing and while I know you can cut them, it was too cramped. I have decided on a Mt Bike for the durability and riding style.

    I don't what a top of the line- have one already. Don't want a garbage throw away- had those when I was younger. So I'm looking entry/mid level Diamondback with thoughts that the steel frame would be strong enough without a ridiculous price tag.

    So I have a dilemma. This all started with an inexpensive project to tinker with while I am unemployed. The $100 kit that I wanted has now turned into a $300+ shopping list. I figure if he is local and looking to part with one at a fair price then we could work out something. I suspect I could save some cash to put toward the inevitable SBP shift kit.

    Oh yeah.....time to send in another mortgage payment!!!