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Hello everyone I live in northern California between the coast and the redwoods. I have a 80cc chinese motor that I got from powerking on Ebay. mounted to a Kawasaki KX26 Mens mountain bike. Installation went smooth, have not had any problems at all. Until...................I washed it. It ran for about 1 min. then died. after getting it home I discovered I have no spark Then I checked all my connections but still no spark then I opened my magneto cover and out came water! I placed a light infront of it over night. to dry it Now I get a single bright spark when I pedal it, but thats it. Did I fry my Magneto? If anyone has a Idea that might help please let me know.
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Moped Red
P.S I have tried to upload pictures of my bike but it won't let me says I have to notify you guys asap.



find the links to parts and accessories on our "resources" page...choose the vendor that suits you...read around MBc if you need help making that choice.

please continue any tech discussions in the appropriate forum. there are very likely active threads about anything you might need to discuss, try to find them and post your questions there, someone will chime in to help :)

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Apr 27, 2007
Sorry to hear about the problems. That's one reason I am kind of anal about all the bikes I ride. Ask Augie, he's seen most of my bikes and he could tell you they are all pretty much spotless and very smooth running.

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Hi moped red and welcome to the group!
sounds like you are in my old stomping grounds...in 79 i had a 2 stroke moped i would ride from menlo park, up woodside thru the curves of la honda up to pomponio beach...sweet 16 then...my hands go numb now on a 12 mile ride lol...good luck and happy motoring!