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    Hi All,

    I am about to receive a boygofast HT 80cc kit.

    It's in Toronto, so its close. I have heard mixed information on these kits, but the price was right. Any helpful info is most appreciated. I tried buying the 4 stroke over the wheel kits but those deals to my disappointment fell apart.


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    Welcome to MBc.
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    Welcome to the group :) With the engine being 80cc's, does Ontario need you to register it?
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    The short of it would be yes. Any gas motorized vehicle is required to be registered and insured in Ontario. Ontario has a pilot program for electic bicycles only, which requires no registration or license.

    Whether a motor is 30 cc or 80 cc makes no difference it's still not allowed. Regardless is that reason enough for me not get one? To me no.
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    Welcome to MBc.

    That engine is 70cc tops.
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    I agree with you on the rationale that (1) it's a free country; (2) it's in the pursuit of happiness.
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    NOT Working out!!!!! Learning the hard way.

    I was happy I got it all together. I did one thing wrong. I put the carburator in sideways, so it was leaking fuel. The motor did fire up a few times but wouldn't stay running. I kept going around the block to try and get it running. My chain jumped off the motorside sprocket and this caused it to lock up. I noticed it was leaking fuel. I thought this can't be right, then I realized my Carburetor was not on properly. I put the carburator on properely, checked the torque on the head bolts, and replaced the sparkplug as recommended in this forum with no difference.


    If the motor was not getting the fuel/oil mixture and the motor was trying to be started without fuel/oil would this damage the motor?

    Anyone know what the compression should be for this motor?

    I like the design of this motor and how the motor mounts inside the frame but the quality of the components and the buttons/levers is substandard. Even if I had this motor working I would be nervous about the quality of the components holding up.

    It is obvious I am going to have to become an expert to make this work. I am determined to get this motor working, even if I have to tear it apart and put it back together piece by piece to find the problem. I am not having good luck in my quest to have a motorized bicycle.:evil: I guess I will be saving my spare cash and try ordering a blackstar direct motor from Australia.
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    whowhere where in ontario are you i may be able to come help you and no you don't need to register it aslong as you admit to 49cc only i have had a lot of talks with police here in niagara falls and they all say i'm perfectly legal cause of the hand operated clutch it is NOT a moped so you should be good to go like i said if i can help i'd be glad to
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    That will not hurt the motor. I believe compression should be around 80 - 100 psi once broke in.
  12. whowhere

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    I am in the Barrie, area. A little far from Niagara Falls (Even by Car:smile:). As for the police, they don't seem to concerned with ATV's and snowmobiles tearing up the streets in Barrie, so I can't see them interested in a bicycle which happens to have a motor.
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    I am reading 80 psi. I am getting a spark when the plug is grounded to the cyclinder. So, It has to be the carburator. I think the adjustments on the carburator are all out of wak. I may be getting to much gas because gas is dripping out the exhaust.
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    So your worried you aren't getting fuel.
    The throttle cable adjusts a needle in the carb.

    try making the cable tighter. adjust it counter clockwise a little to lift that needle a bit. there are two places you can do this one is at the handlebars where the throttle cable meets the handle. the other is on top of the carb. there is a thing to lock it where you set it and that will do nothing by its self.

    I don't think you could have messed anything up by having it on sideways. You would just spill valuable petro

    I hope this helps
  15. crazygringo

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    O yeah you were worried about compression.
    If your not getting enough compression. I would check gaskets. Usually if a gasket is blown you can tell by a close visual inspection. These gaskets are made by children in sweatshops. HAHA!! I'm just kidding. It could be true but they are cheap gaskets.

    my buddies exaust gasket blew the first day he had it running. Then his magnito shorted out.

    luckily we had my bike to help troubleshoot his. Just tried his parts on my motor till my motor would not run
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    It sounds like you might have flooded your motor when you installed the carb sideways. It will clear up eventually. Just keep trying.
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    Hey you should start off saying "Simon Says"

    Simon says keep trying to start it.

    He probably got it running and forgot to tell us. So were still trying to help him....
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    Sadly, not yet.
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    Actually, I did read through that thread. Actually, instead of towing, I disconnected the clutch and used a drill with a bit to turn the motor over. It worked until I chewed up the slot by slipping out of it. I am working on filing the slot and creating a tool to fit the new slot. After which I will start the process of elimination.