Hi, I'm Tim N. and I'm a bikeaholic.

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    A minor joke, but I really am! I ride a Lemond Buenos Aires with my little clippy shoes for speed and fun, and a Diamondback Sorrento for everyday around town. It keeps me fit in middle-age, and heck, biking is fun! Buy and wear a helmet!!! I'm a registered nursing student. Very few of you would actually believe what we see and treat in the ER and ICU. It makes for very strong faith. Nuff said.

    I live and work in the Central Valley of the People's Republic of California. Clovis, CA., a suburb of Fresno.

    I am going to convert my Diamondback. I bought a complete kit new but opened from a guy in Colorado that just gave up on putting it together. Honda GXH-50, Grubee Skyhawk , lots of screws, chain, 2 exhaust systems -50 lbs. worth of stuff for....$50.00 plus $40.00 shipping. Everything still has the tags and stickers on it, all brand new off of craigslist. Deal of a lifetime for $90.

    I'm missing the mounting plate for a v-frame mid-frame installation, and am searching for the best quality. I hope to gain insight, inspiration, and advice on the forums.

    Ciao for now,
    Tim Nugent

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    Hi Tim welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Ever seen a case of Cat scratch fever in the E.R?
    come on you knew that was coming.
    You're one lucky bike parts shopper scoring all that stuff for so cheap.
    Keep us posted and don't be cheap on the pictures.