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  1. Donavan321

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    I have a Flying Horse 2-stroke 49/50cc kit on my cruiser. I was thinking of getting a performance carb for it with the performance filter and what not. SO here's my question....will a Performance carburetor of ANY kind either v2, v3, etc work on my 50cc without issues/too much power? I noticed on webistes these are sold on it just says 66/80cc performance carb, I haven't seen anything saying they're prohibited from use on a 49? Would I wreck my engine, get performance, lose performance? same? Has ANYBODY used one on a 50cc and had success? (please note I am NOT a newbie to these kits and have had several 50's and 80's/66's) I personally don't see why it WOULDN'T work but if anyone feels different otherwise, your input is valuable! Thanks!:thinking: ALSO, would a performance air filter from one of these carbs such as this one: fit on the stock nt(black round filter) carb?

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  2. adrian101

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    it will work, more airflow/gas= more speed if tuned correctly. 50cc, 66cc it works on them both.
  3. jaguar

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    your stock carb is a 14mm (throat inner diameter) so unless you've ported it for higher revs I wouldn't get anything bigger than a 16mm carb. I prefer the Dellorto because of superior mixing. then you just have to jet it right (after you find a filter for it since filters cause high rpm restriction).

  4. Fabian

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    Nothing like a fully adjustable Walbro twin needle carburettor if you know how to attach it to your engine and throttle cable.
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    Thanks for all the input guys! I'm not really good at carbs..well I took the NT carb apart to clean it out but there's NOTHING to that carburetor at all(very simple design). For starters. it's a stock 49/50cc Flying Horse from Bikeberry. I love that site to death I've had this 50cc for over 3 years! and I ride it all the time and the only thing I ever had to replace was the muffler!(my baffle cap fell off somewhere and I never found it). I have all STOCK parts on it, I'm getting a new intake gasket for it. I have had 80cc's I've never used jackshaft kits, I HAVE seen expansion chambers, auto choke carbs etc. I kinda like cruising around at 30-35 mph with all stock parts, I'm kinda cheap so my other motors and kits come from Rose326a on Ebay who also makes pretty quality stuff! but I tend to stick to Bikeberry when i have the money. My engine has NOT been modified in anyway in terms of ports or anything else. In reply to Jaguar, which of the performance carbs have the 16mm ID throat? Or which performance carburetors(specific carbs) would be a good choice? I'm maybe looking for a TINY speed boost I don't need to be hauling *** or anything down the street, just looking for a small speed boost and easy starting, good idling. Thanks again all!
  6. jaguar

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    For a small speed boost try taking 1mm off the bottom edge of the intake side of the piston skirt. That will give it more time to suck in fuel mixture and result in more speed. Otherwise, Dellorto sells the 16mm carb. Click on my signature link to see where to buy them.

    Rock Solid Engines sells two Walbro carbs but they give absolutely no details about them. For a business that wants to be the hop-up leader in this industry they sure don't know anything about product promotion. Cheapest one is $120.
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  8. jaguar

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    Adrian, that is a Dellorto carb. What is the inner throat diameter?
  9. Donavan321

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    Adrian, that's one sweet carb! I like that A LOT! Well....for design anyway! :helmet:
  10. adrian101

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    16mm, when i contacted the seller i was told it was a 16.16 style.
  11. flashstar

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    Check out He has a sweet carburetor called the RT for $30 that has been working wonderfully on my GT50R.
  12. Purple Haze

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    That is a Dellorto clone. Works great, half the price, and they give you 5 extra jets for fine-tuning.
  13. Rayzor

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    carb works like a charm on my 48cc Grubee as well as my 66cc found may need to adjust air mix dial all the way in then 1 1/2 turns out.
    48cc and 66cc both have it
    as well as boost bottle sbp expansion chamber, Jaguar CDI, port matched.
    both bikes have over 1000km on them at this time. 66cc blew up but only due to me mixing to lean was getting speeds around 60kph with ease. and no ill vibration 36t sprocket.

    Latest build is 66cc Grubee with racing CDI shiftkit above mentioned carb port matched and strangly enough X1 fatty exhaust still on break in mix but sounds great and gets well over 60kph at 3/4 throttle in 6th yet to truly start tuning carb and CDI for it but see great things in it's future. X1 exhaust gives me full range performance boost sbp expansion chamber didn't.
    Lets be real these motors are so cheap that squeezing what you can out of them is how you learn push them to limit then dial back 10% on next 1 if it fails. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    if it still runs keep tuning sooner or later it won't :)