Clutch High Idle when bike is stationary (Clutch pulled)


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Jun 11, 2008
Hello guys, I just registered to the forums and I've been reading for a few weeks on these forums all I can learn about these motorized bikes. I got my kit from a guy in California and my bike is not Idling well, it always wants to rev up even at a stop-light, I pull the clutch and vroooooommmmmm its reving right up.

I have grown used to killing it at every light, but its annoying to have to get it going again after every light.

I checked the little pin inside the carb and its seated right and seems to be working well, I am thinking it is the throttle cable, perhaps it is too short to work on my bike properly. I have no problem with swapping out the cable if thats the issue, but is there a way to see if that is indeed the problem? Like... some other way to test the throttle cable or my Idle?

Thanks in advance,
You can take off the air filter and look inside the carb to see if the barrel slide is bottoming out in the carb. You should hear a metal to metal click sound when you let the throttle return to closed. If not, cable may be too tight. High idle could also be indicative of an air leak on the intake side. Check it out!!
you can shoot a little starting fluid or (safer for engine) wd40 at the carb base, if it revs you have found it
Hi Matt, sorry if its stating the obvious but have you tried unscrewing the little screw with a spring on it on the carb? Thats the idle adjust, it will stop it from revving too high.

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