Home made 1905 era on youtube

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by professor, Jan 26, 2011.

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  3. yeah i love the old motorcycles and reproductions of them. basically thats what we all have. just some are alot more like an original than others. but they are all awesome!
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    that was amazing... thanks professor.
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    Even the kid at the end was impressed. :grin5:
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    1905 era

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    Very nice, thankyou. That thing has character and a good sound. I think it has a lot of torque, even coming off idle. Thanks again.
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    30mph, at 2000 RPM..... so if its got the muscle it sounds like he can probably do 60 on it. Wow. Scary Fast!
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    Now this is taking the hobby to another level......superb!
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    Even if he used the jug from the old 1200cc Volks engine, and assuming the same stroke, he has 300cc. That should furnish some torque, and hp if he revs it up. I'm sure the induction system isn't up to modern standardsm, but with 300cc's 60 mph sounds realistic. Sides, it sure looks and sounds cool. :bowdown:
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    Thats what the origioal engines used to be about 300cc and about 2HP
    I call it make do with what you have to the best you can. LOVE the home made......Curt
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    His bikes are awesome. Best ive seen. This guy i think holds a speed record for a 50cc. He knows his stuff
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