honda gxh50 with grubee 4 stroke gearbox

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by cspaur13, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. cspaur13

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    any1 have this setup. what kind of speeds do you get with the lowest number of teeth possible on the spocket. dose it work good.

  2. MotoMagz

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    Hey cody, I believe 48 tooth is the lowest you want to run and if your in a hilly area stick with the 56 tooth. I have had no problems with mine in 3 years.My motor is the knockoff Honda and I run the 48 tooth which gets me to about 35mph. MotoMagz
  3. HoughMade

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    I have the Honda without a governor and I run close to 40mph with the 48 tooth sprocket.
  4. fetor56

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    The Honda engine works well(so does the clone) but the Grubee gearbox/clutch combination is rubbish,untrustworthy would be an understatement.
    I would NOT recommend this setup in it's present form.
    Research more about the 2 new USA made gearbox's coming out soon,1 in a complete kit & 1 as a standalone gearbox:

    PS...i've gone down as low as 44T & that's too low(little torque/little acceleration/high crawling speed).....48T is the minimum but if your in a hilly area 56T would be good.
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  5. cspaur13

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    i live in florida and theres not one hill around so i can run the lowest tooth.
    hes wanting $350 for the gearbox alone. 2 muich for me. i emailed quenton to see if he will sell the transmission byitself and not in a kit.
    but if that dont work. which site sells the grubbe skyhawk gearbox the cheapest.
  6. HoughMade

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  7. fetor56

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    48T would be the lowest then.
    $350 is ALOT i admit(a heck of a lot when i need to factor in freight to Oz)
    By all means ask Quenton but at this early stage i doubt he'll sell u a standalone gearbox...let us know?
    HoughMade's suggestion of is probably the best....Jeremy is good to deal with & he'll look after you.Confirm the number of teeth with him cos i don't think 56T is their standard now.
    Research what u can about the Grubee & what mods need to be done(DON'T get the Hoot gearbox)
    If u like start a thread about your build to keep us all informed,possibly we can help............good luck man. :grin5:
  8. fetor56

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    HoughMade.....$350 is a rough estimate(probably pretty accurate)
    I expect Quentons to be on a par.
  9. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi everyone,

    Sadly we are overwelmed with requests for our drive train. Every single day I am asked about it. We have agreed to supply some of our dealers with extra systems to replace the gear box on personal motors.

    We are still working on the next generation drive system with the MaxTorque clutch [started the project just before the event at Lewes, DE last year].

    I can tell everyone for sure neither system will get anywhere near $350.00.
    In recent meetings we discussed what it would take to produce more than scheduled, and retail numbers looked closer to the $200 arena for the current system.

    Have fun,
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  10. cspaur13

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    i aint paying $350 especially since im only 14.but $200 sounds way more in my price range. quenton im glad someone is finally making good quality american kits that are affordable. keep up the good work. also do you have a list of the dealers.
    im still researching what all i want. ive narrowed it down to the honda with grubbe skybox transmission or if i can get one from quenton. my seconde choice is a cag pocket bike motor with the scooter guy settup but i dont care to have a 2 stroke again.
    thanks for every1s help. i'll probally start my bulid in summer after i get alittle more money