how do i mount speedo?

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hey guys. i got the 26-27 inch speedo from bikeworld usa. (analog) and they sent it too me with no directions!. i was outside installing my new stuff, but i came in to ask about it. im going right back out, but before i come in, ill wait till last thing to do this. soo ill be in in about 1/2 hr. thanks!

i just need to know how to mount
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PM a few Whizzer guys Tater & see what they say,post pics on this thread if possible so we can all get an idea about the other words i've never done one so i'm useless. :)
i figured it out. i went and asked my dad (he worked on bikes as a teenager in the 70s ) and this is a replica, and he said that it goes in the spokes and turns the metal thing like a fishing rod, and the plastic thing is sandwiched on the axle by 2 washers.


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The last two pictures are of the pickup. It mounts on the front axle. As the axle turns, a gear turns, which in turn rotates the speedo cable. The speedometer cable is fastened to the speedometer, and it causes the dial to indicate the speed.

The cable can opnly go one way - one end fits into the pickup; one end fits into the speedometer itself.

The little flange that comes out of the side of the pickup fits into the small hole near the axle - the same hole that the safety washer uses. it keeps the pickup from rotating as you ride the bike, and yet allows it the freedom to move slightly.

And, of course, there's a handlebar mounting bracket. You don't show us the back of the speedometer dial, but, you'll probably want to mount the speedometer to the mounting bracket before hooking up the speedometer cable.

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thanks lou. as you saw i did figure it out, but i needed that to be sure. i mounted it not 30 minutes agao. the one i have, you can take the clear cover ff easily. it occoured to me that it might be a little spring that neds replacing, with a stronger one. (the breaking speedo part) so when it breaks, i will look to see if i cant just replace the spring.
Jason, if you're putting that on one of your motored bikes, you will have to let us know how it works. At speed is it bouncing around or constant. Inquiring minds want to know. heh
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zev, i tested for .o3 miles, and it stays pretty steady. i was talking when it eventually breaks (as others have said) i will do a vid now. but i dunno how long it will take u tube to upload. going outside now.....
i just got in. i had to talk with some firemen about where to get a kit. (3 to be exact) cause they are going atound advertising the firemans ball. selling tix and stuff, so i couldnt go much higher than 15. but anyway, the vid is uploading....
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