!HOW! From Rockville, Maryland Crazy Horse is A BoardTrackRacer Builder New 2 Forum.

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    !HOW! Crazy Horse here in Rockville, Maryland just outside of The Nation's Capital of Washington, D.C.

    My addiction is tribute Board track Racers of pre WW I.

    My current builds are 1-Worksman Industrial Newspaper Boy, & 2-Firebikes Board Track Racers.

    Still haven't decided on type of motors I'll use for these builds thinking maybe for 1 of them using a lifan 110cc electric start automatic.

    With the worksman frame I'll remove the down tube at head tube & at the bottom bracket then weld in place a looped down tube for the classic Board Track Racer looped frame style.

    Might decide to use some Husky frames for Board Track Racer builds doing the same as above remove down tube weld in looped down tube.

    Anyone here in the forum interested in this style or have built a Board Track Racer let me know. Would like to share me ideas with all those interested.

    Thanks Joe. aka Crazy Horse The Tower Crane Operator

    My email:krzndn121863@hotmail.com

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  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. I have a Western Flyer frame in my garage that may become my first bordie project. I plan to make the fuel tank from an old fire extinguisher.
  3. Happy Valley

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    Howdy and welcome to MBc.
    Nice addicti....er....collection you got there, lol.
    Think you'll find a lot of enthusiasm for BTRs here and fit right in.
  4. E J

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    sweet rides Bro,
    I was planning to build an Indian just like that It's nice to see it done. Talk about riding in style did ya use real Indian decals too? real nice work man. I want to know about the motor in the cyclone I want to build a v twin 500 ci 8 valve like the Indian and Harley old school but with todays tech. like me youre having way too much fun with these bikes. I should have my custom stainless steel tanks done friday and polished then put my Indian decals on um they are going to be sweet. tell me about that motor ya got in there Bro.
    E J
  5. ? motor in the cyclone ??

    Very cool builds I like the Cyclone alot could you tell me about the V-twinn.
    Where did you find it and how many ccs ?
    Thanks Brent
  6. Mountainman

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    it don't seem right for something to say Indian -- when it's not an Indian
    just one point of view

    have seen some put on their bikes -- Hardly A Harley
    nothing wrong with that

    have fun as you ride those motor bike things
  7. Youngbird

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    Toniktu Ka Hwo?

    The correct spelling is "HAU"....what nation are you? Why do you use THAT name?