How long is a 'long' ride?

How long is a 'long' ride?

  • Under 5 Miles

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  • 5-10 Miles

    Votes: 8 7.5%
  • 10-25 Miles

    Votes: 20 18.9%
  • 25-50 Miles

    Votes: 39 36.8%
  • 50-100 Miles

    Votes: 20 18.9%
  • 100+ Miles

    Votes: 22 20.8%

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Looking at different posts, it looks like the definition of a "long ride" varies widely from person to person, so I figured I'd make a poll to see what ya'll think.

Personally, I tend to ride four miles each way to work and back. Groceries are in a small town about six miles away, and errands for more than food tend to be in a city 10-15 miles away.

For pleasure rides, I typically do 30-40 miles through the countryside... But I consider a "long ride" to be 50+ miles.

Trouble is here in Northern Ca, a long ride varies with the weather. At 7am at 53 degrees when your body is used to Ca. afternoons of 75 or higher, that morning ride of only say, 10 miles is loooooong !
Time and family constraints limit me to 10 miles most days. I love getting a 20 or 30 mile ride when I can.
Long Ride

I live in a small town next to a bigger town. The town center for the bigger town is about six miles away. Most of my riding is to do shopping four and a quarter miles away. My longest day was about thirty miles total. Even with my ultimate suspension seat post (a Cane Creek Thudbuster) my backside was wanting a rest half way through the ride. I could do more miles easily but they would not be comfortable without plenty of rest stops.

My Golden Eagle kit doesn't give me any problems anymore. If I carried a spare drive belt it could probably take me across the country and back.
i voted 100+ cuz sometimes i will make a day or weekend out of a ride just make sure to have a good repair kit :D
50 to 100 for me. Usually whatever your half gallon will take you. Anything longer just reaks havok with your tush...but when you ride standing up or when you put all your weight on one thigh at a time it's bearable.
I love going to my destination once a month which is a good 65 miles one way cause by my pickup truck I would have wasted 5 or more gallons. Bike trails shorten that ride some and I can make that trip and back with just a half a gallon of gas. It's so awesomly addicting and so much more fun.
Hey.. Mini and Large..

We ought to get together sometime and ride.. Also.. I could let you guys try out this new Titan as well. Enjoy the ride...
How long is a long ride?

I often travel 60 to 100 miles per ride. I use my powered bike for commuting. We are on the cutting edge with gasoline prices predicted to go over 5 bucks a gallon in 2008.

I have done one ride that was a little over 400 miles in a day. From Cleveland Ohio to Cincinnati. The ride was a little over 11 hours with a stop for food / gas. I ride a Sun Recumbent Speedster CX with a 32 cc Tanaka GEBE kit. It has a front fairing and I have upgraded to the HP carb with velocity stack/ filter. 105 Velocity wheel with Kevlar reinforced tires for flat resistance. Very reliable and fun. I run AMZOIL 2 cycle oil and it really smooths out the engine and ups the mileage.

I got just a little bit over 200 miles per gallon and it was very comfortable it being a recumbent. Got lots of smiles and even had some woman take a video of me while riding down a road south of Columbus. Had lots of questions about the bike and had Harley riders pull along side and give the thumbs up!

Planning on cross country trip to California in 2008. 2500 miles.........and then back.
Dude, you will have to ride to Washington for the first PNW MBC rally in 2008!
I do short jaunts of 5 to 50 miles all the time, rain or shine, but I love to go out on adventures when I can find the time. 3,500 miles was my longest so far. I live for that freedom of livin' on the road...
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