How long will it last???

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  1. geebt48cc

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    Been sitting here just trying to figure out how long (miles) these little 2/strock monsters will go? Now be honest here?


  2. Skyliner70cc

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    I've got several thousand on my 69cc HT engine. I mix 32:1 but 1/2 of my oil is degummed castor oil and the other 1/2 of my mix is cheap 2 stroke outboard oil from Walmart. Castor is key.
  3. geebt48cc

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    Hey Sky,

    I'm right at 750 miles................1/2 Amsoil and 1/2 Castor also here. Have you replaced bearings or clutch pads yet?

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  4. wally

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    Depends .... on ... abuse intentional or not! Some people are clueless although they profess to know it all. It is a machine, it has to be looked after. Mine is still relatively new, although a year old. Some have plenty miles on them.
  5. Fabian

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    Skyliner is right: castor oil has worked wonders since WWI; it kept all of the internal moving parts excellently lubricated, not just the engine, but the pilot as well. Rarely would you see a pilot with a seized bottom end.

    If it works equally well in engines and humans, you know it must be good.
  6. geebt48cc

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    Hey there Fabian,

    I very much agree with you both, but one thing really got me? I use 50/50 synthetic and castor, but when I when I pulled jug, I had a chance to really look very close. Everything , in everyway looked fantastic after 700 miles, but there were a few chips of chrome chipped off inside cylinder jug. It's running the best it has sense new now, but after seeing that, I lost a bit of enthusasm. Why, because I would hate to see a engine that's just about problem free, give-up do to something so unnecessary??????? Anyway, that was about 30 miles back when I checked, and trying to shine light threw plug hole, it hasn't changed for the worse.

    Uno, I tell ya what's rotton, is when you really baby these engines, and that kind of stuff happens. Well, I'm going to keep riding, and stop worring about it. Always has had a very good plug burn, as well.

  7. geebt48cc

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    One last statement---------UNO, just once, just one time, it seems like they(china) would want to show that they really do know what the word LONGEVITY means. Also, when they're looking that up, they also can look up QUALITY!!

    Don't get me wrong, because it's a blast.............just would like to see it last a few years? I've talked to some pretty heavy weights about the chipping stuff, and they say that theirs has done the same. So, I'll just chill.................
  8. Fabian

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    If something is built to the lowest possible price that the greatest number of people at the bottom end of the wage spectrum can afford, the materials quality will be compromised.

    Who cares if some of the chrome plating flakes away from the bore, when a replacement cylinder is $30. At the end of the day, minor plating defects do not significantly degrade performance when there is little performance to begin with.
    My experience shows that a cylinder is good for around 4,000 kilometers (2,500 miles), before needing replacement, which is way more than can be expected from a pivotal part costing $30 as a replacement item.

    These Chinese kits should cost around $600 - $800 if they were designed to Japanese standards, but that would exclude the greatest number of people at the bottom end of the wage spectrum from access to the cheapest form of motorized transport.

    I am impressed by the relative reliability of Chinese 2-stroke bicycle engines, considering a replacement engine is around $100 and considering that total engine life works out to around $25 per 1,000 kilometers (600 miles), if the engine is replaced when the compression has dropped to non existent levels.
    The bottom end (if not over revved) is good for in excess of 8,000 kilometers and a replacement crankshaft and rod is around $30, but after the 4,000 kilometer mark, you might as well just buy a brand new replacement engine.
  9. BAM

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    Got 5000 miles on 80cc bought it 2008 wot everywhere sadly it died this year! :sweatdrop:
  10. geebt48cc

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    BAM, what was it that actually killed the engine from using it even more? What broke?

    Fabian, I very much agree with all that you've said. See, I just come from the background of thinking, "If you take care of a anatomical engine".......then it should continue service for quite a long time?!~ BUT, I realize once again what we are talking about here when it comes to the actual product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just really am convinced, that as simplistic as these little 2/stroke are, that one can beat the It just looks like that one could buy, even at these lower prices, a product that would age very well.

    Guess that's asking for too much, in todays age????????????? BOTTOM LINE IS: WE LIVE IN SUCH A DEPOSABLE RACE!!!!!!!!!!~ Just put it in the trash............get another one..............
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  11. jefuchs

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    Just curious: How do you guys keep track of how many miles you've ridden? I know commutes can easily add up miles x work days, but what about the rest of you?
  12. Fabian

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    Bicycle speedo tells you everything you need to know, including odometer; some have a back light for riding at night.
  13. geebt48cc

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    Yes, in my opinion you've got to have an odometer. You can get them many places. A MUST, for break-in!!!!!!!!!!!~
  14. joshua97

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    my run in on a china F80 was 500 ks but rings blew in first 200 lol so rebuilt with a grubee top end for $95 and 500 ks run in later and iv done about 3,500 ks and I'm starting to lose compression atm so mane $20 on new rings n gasket n shell be sweet :p
  15. geebt48cc

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    Yes, I can't tell you how important it is to use a better 2/stroke oil on these cheaper china made engines
    . I'm sold on synthetic based oils, with using also some castor mixed with your ratio. You can really see the difference internally, vs the dead dinosaur stuff.
  16. BchCruizer

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    I have over 5,000miles on mine!
  17. Fabian

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    A lot more miles than the purchase price would indicate, when given some mechanical respect.
  18. BchCruizer

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    It was def. a good buy on my end. 5,000miles for $249. Replacement engines cost 92.50. Im a happy motorized biker. Its nice being able to ride and not have to worry about what tools i have on me incase my kit breaks.
  19. Tanstaafl

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    I have to agree as to the Chinese cost and quality, but if operated correctly and understanding, they will last.

    Years ago i bought a cheapo Chinese mini metal lathe and mill, having had quality machine tools, was more than disappointed at first. But working around the faults and correcting some, I have came around to being rather amazed at the quality of work they will put out when making small parts.