How many of you pedal your motored bike?

How often do you pedal your motored bike?

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Mar 19, 2008
South Mississippi
I'm curious how often you guys pedal your bikes after adding motors to 'em.

I got a double freewheel setup just so I wouldn't have to worry about holding the clutch lever in just to pedal a short distance down the road.

I'd imagine most people wouldn't pedal unless they needed to. I've pedaled almost 3 miles when I ran outta gas one time, and that's with crappy 36t crank sprocket & rear 16t freewheel. Not very good gearing right now, but that will change too. I pedal around the neighborhood still when it's dark. I also fake pedal when I pass cops!

How often do you pedal?
I need to lose weight so yes I pedal often. I get good mileage on my Happy Time because of this.
Sometimes i get this incredible urge to just get out there and pedal like crazy.........fortunately i manage to supress it till it goes away. ;)
I lost 80 lbs .
Cheapest most fun excersize machine I ever used.
97 percent engine 3 percent leg power.
I ride from 8:00 to noon almost every day.
You lost 80 lbs using 3% leg power?!? That's both awesome & shocking.

I bet the balancing act alone with 100% engine still tones our bodies.
I pedal when passing the police station. On my Trek I pedal taking off, and when going up hills. On the trike, I sometimes pedal taking off.
i got another bike to pedal. i dont have a free wheel, so there is way too much ristance. i pedaled hole 1 mile, cause i run outa gas, and i felt like a limp noodle! on my racin bike, i could brobablly keep up around 30 though.
I will definitely be helping my bicycle along. I weigh 269 pounds right now. And because there are so many long hills where i live, my poor little motor will need all the help it can get.

Besides, I also need all the exercize I can get. Hopefully I can begin losing weight again. I'm just not in good enough shape to pedal all around town unassisted.