How to cut elongated holes in metal

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    The last several kits that I have bought have the front mounting plate with the center holes to small and to close together...the holes need to be elongated about 4 mm...
    problem is, how to do it....side cutting drill bits do NOT far I have drilled another hole close by the original hole , then used a
    Dremel tool to grind out the remainder....but this is VERY time consuming....Is there a tool that can be used effectively????

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    unfortunately, if you get endmills... you then require another "pro's" tool... a milling machine.
    (a "smithy" is not a pro's tool, but merely a combo lathe/mill for those hobbyists that have no space for both machines...;) basically, they dont do either job terribly well!)

    what youre already doing is about it, other than filing.

    its not like youre doing it every day, are you?

    or are you? :jester:

    can just try flattening the mount, if its the steel one im used to ;) couple of whacks with a hammer usually does it.
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    Dremel type tool that cuts on the side of the bit, some are stone, others are metal. Drill will work too with a bit that cuts on the side.
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    It ain't pleasant, but a small round file and some elbow grease will get you there, too.
    And the price is right.
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    I use a die grinder with a carbide bit -


    die grinder.jpg