How to install a Motorcycle Headlight On a MB

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    How would i install a Headlamp on my helio darkside EZM motorbike? As far as i know i dont have an alternator like a real motorcycle? I definately dont want to take any power from the engine. What are alternative ways to supply power? I'd also like to have turn signals.
    Last but not least, is it possiable to upgrade 4 stroke engines for more horsepower... Ive been told no... is that correct.
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    I have a stand alone lights system, powered by a 12v Sealed Lead Acid battery, which is rechargeable (as in, I recharge it plugging it into the wall). I have heard of people modifying 12v scooter alternators to use on MBs, but I couldn't tell you more than that. Bicycle dynamo generators tend to be 6v, but most stock motorcycle and scooter lights that you will probably use are 12v.

    I've got head light, tail light, turn signals, brake light, and horn.
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    where on your bike did you put your battery? How long does it last on a full charge?

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    the box below the tank is the battery box:


    I am still in the process of finishing this bike, but when I was using this battery to power just the headlight and a tail light on my first build, I got at least two hours (one hour to work, one hour home from work) and I just charged it every day to be on the safe side. The battery is a 12v 7 amp battery. If you stick to LED lights, you will get significantly more mileage out of your battery. My headlight is halogen, but I plan on eventually swapping it out with an LED.

    It's a Worksman frame. The exterior dimensions of the box are 8" long, 6.5" wide, and 3" high, and made from 1x dimensional lumber for the sides and 1/4" five-ply birch plywood for the top, bottom, and ends. The box is larger than the battery to allow space for flasher relays and all of the wire. (I happen to have two flasher relays, and I am still deciding if I want to use one for the brake light... one relay flashes faster than the other, so I would use the more rapid flasher for the brake)
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    Off topic but Galactis, what tires are those?
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    If anyone else was curious what tires those are, they're Kenda Flames.