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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by AlphaGeek, Sep 18, 2008.

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    I invested a bunch of time this month getting educated on bike engines and California law regarding same, and ordered a GEBE kit with the Tanaka 32cc 2-stroke on Monday (15 Sep 2008). I'll be using it to commute to work 17.3 miles each way, 2-4 days/week.

    I love discovering motherlodes of on-topic info like, and I'm looking forward to getting started with my own "buzzbike".


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    "Buzzbike" I like it!!

    Watch out for those nutty CA drivers (guess they're pretty awful everywhere, though)
  3. AlphaGeek

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    Thanks. I'm fortunate to have a (relatively) bike-friendly route to and from work, though there are a couple of stretches where I'll be sharing the road with those nutty drivers. My biggest concern was whether I would get hassled by CHP or local cops for using the motor while crossing the CA-84/Dumbarton bridge, but a friend (who was a Menlo Park cop until a few years ago) said I had nothing to worry about. Guess we'll see what happens when I start biking in on a regular basis!