I HAD it running.......

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Sterno666, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Sterno666

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    I had my HT engine running pretty good. I was about half way thru the break-in and was starting to feel more power from the engine.

    Then I let it sit for a few days.

    Now it won't start.

    Here's the scene:

    I hadn't got out to start her in a few days because it's been raining here for almost a week. I have her stored outside, under a tarp, next to my motorcycle. There was no moisture to speak of on the bike when I took off the tarp. It was out of gas and I added more from the same can that filled it before, about 1/3 of a tank. When I prime the carb, gas will flow out.

    Normally I can kick start her. Today I tried for about half an hour kicking and riding and no bueno.

    Any ideas?

  2. old guy

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    Remember the basics - you have to have gas and you have to have spark. First off, I'd probably dump the gas and go for a fresh mix just so you know that's good. Gas cans and gas tanks have a way of picking up condensation when its been raining. Drain your tank and the carb and you might want to think about changing the fuel filter. The inline filters are only a buck or two. Pull your spark plug and take a look at it - make sure its clean and has a good gap. Spray some WD-40 on the wiring (the WD stands for Water Displacing). Check the wires going to the ignition coil - there may be some corrosion on those plug in connections.

    If you have good gas, a clean carb, and a good electrical system the engine should start. There isn't a whole lot that can go wrong with a 2 stroke motor.

    Good luck
  3. dougsr.874

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    check the kill switch
  4. Sterno666

    Sterno666 New Member

    I went out this morning and checked the gas, no condensation in it. I also checked the wiring, no moisture. I also disconnected the kill switch for good measure.

    No go.

    So I pulled the spark plug and see that I'm getting no spark. After fiddling around with the plug gap/wire for a few minutes, I took off the magneto cover.

    There was about a 1/2" of water in it!

    Do y'all think the magneto is shot or will it work when it dries out?

    The Chinese suck at gaskets.
  5. Al.Fisherman

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    Probably...1/2 " definitely got the fields wet but not the coil, just might dry out. If you don't ride in the rain drill a weep hole in the bottom of the mag housing.
  6. seanhan

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    Always top off the fuel tank when done riding.helps keep your tank from condensing ,and getting water in the tank... Just ask any pilot ...
  7. RedBaronX

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    my bike has been running spotty (I had it running, and now it's not...) I just got a upgrade spark plug and spark plug wire... they are sitting next to me on my computer desk, so I don't know yet if that will FINALLY be the solution for me, but if you are still having problems with yours, a better plug and wire might be the answer for you as well...?

    They wouldn't hurt either way, and will improve the overall performance once you get it running, so it's another thing to check out.
  8. Sterno666

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    First thing I did was grab some sandpaper and a piece of glass and honed the outer cover flat. It looked a little like the rocky mountians before and now it's nice and flat. Then I made a new gasket out of my go-to gasket material (a paper plate and a few drops of motor oil) and installed it on the magneto cover after leaving it open to dry overnight. I sprayd a liberal amount of wd-40 and wiped the inside down. It took a little doing, but she started. Magneto still good.

    I didn't add a weep hole for two reasons. Mainly, I don't plan on using this bike for transportation, just for fun, and that might include some minor off road adventures. The other reason is that I wanna see if my new gasket holds. I still might drill a weep hole and add a removable rubber plug for when I take it out when it's wet or muddy.

    I live kinda far out of town right now where the only route takes a 5 mile jaunt down a 55mph stretch of highway. We're considering moving in the next few years closer in town. If we do, I will be using this bike from time to time to putt around town. For now, she's all fun...when she runs.