i still say electric is better.

I'm a typical Celtic throwback to my Grandfather on my mothers side...I am the only one besides him in the entire family that has lost most of my hair...lol.

The baldness gene can skip a generation...lol.
Nobody on my dad's side of the family went bald, and it is just barely present on my mothers side. Just the typical hairline recession that comes with age. All of my grandparents lived into their late 80's or early 90's with full heads of hair.
Man, im 16 and i gotta shave like twice a week 😆
I barely had to shave until my early 20's. You are a lot like a friend of mine in high school. The guy had a 40 year old's beard at 16 and enough body hair on his arms and legs to make me, also a hairy guy, look like a bald ape. He had that Greek and Lebanese heritage showing through strong lol.
i was. born a woman but i had a surgury in 1982 we was poor so we saved money buy having the sugury in mexico not sure if they did it right . but i feel ok Sqirell