I will have a GHX50 in a 49cc world, help!

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  1. DragonSlayer

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    In Arizona we have a limit of 49cc for our engine assisted bikes. So the GXH50 is a prime canidate for some unwanted attention by the local law.

    All of the Hondas I have owned in my life (about 7) have a displacement smaller than what is indicated in there model name.

    I figure I can remove the model decal from the engine and let the officer go by the indicated cubic centimeters if it says it's less than 49cc.

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what cubic displacement is indicated on the cylinder of the GXH50.
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  2. The_Aleman

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    AZ limit is 48 CC. Actual displacement of GXH50 is 49.4 CC. Just don't tell AZ about the extra 1.4 CC lol
  3. Old Bob

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    49.4 cc (3.01 cu-in)
    41.8x36.0 mm (1.65x1.42 in)

    The GXH50 is over 49cc
  4. MikeJ

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    Dragonslayer -

    All right, so your engine is not legal in your state. If you get stopped and are asked about its size, you have no defense for riding it. Don't argue with the officer.

    In many postings and my experience, it is not the engine size that will get the attention of most law officers (I know, there are exceptions). It will be your behavior. To a lesser extent, your appearance. The attitude of many here seems to be, "I don't want the police to see me". Then don't do dumb things like speed and run through red lights and stop signs. That gets attention!

    I will speak only for myself. I have over 2,000 miles logged on my bikes; not much mileage. Never been stopped. Many police officers from multiple towns and jurisdictions and two states have seen me. My engine is OBVIOUSLY not legal; it is a 160 cc Honda. It states so plain as day right on the starter. My riding outfit: white full motorcycle helmet, brightest yellow riding jacket on the market, long pants, leather gloves, full-cover shoes. Bike is bright yellow and has a brake-handle-activated big red tail light. I stop at all red lights and stop signs. And stay under all posted speed limits. I WANT the law enforcers to see me!

    Dorky? So say many readers. But TODAY, I approached a four-way side street intersection. A motorcycle officer was parked on the right, ready for any illegal action; I had to pass him to proceed. So I did. Passed within six feet of him, made a full stop, looked all around, turned to the right in front of him and proceeded. The officer had every opportunity to see I have a very-illegal engine. But he let me go. But I bet he got on that bad-to-the-bone no-muffler no-helmet tough-guy motorcyclist speeding his way a minute later.

    I hope that catch made his day.

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