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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by thine82, Dec 6, 2010.

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    anyone that has knowledge in these exhausts please tell me.. i need t o know how far the air gets sucked back into the motor.. i am going to build a water or oil exhaust system. will be extremly quiet.. i am going to do it anyways just want help and ideas...



    best one. why a wet exhaust works for two stroke boats...

    quiet the outside of it..

    can be used as a baffle cuz it does not burn until like 1200 degrees..


    if that is not enough to peak your intrests then i dont know what is.... help guys so we can all ride much more quiet.. reduce noise up to 70 or eighty percent with this stuff...:thinking:

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    can someone just simply explain how far away the liquid might have to be so it does not get sucked back into the chamber.. ?????
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    dont worry about the help.. i figured out where it needs to be placed. now when i get it to work.. why should i care to share it??
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    Hey thine, don't be discouraged. My take would be just not a lot of folks have the experience to know much about it. I also think if one came up with a workable solution more than few will be interested.

    IMO, I think anything that serves to knock exhaust note down is a good thing, but I like stealth. And quiet in general, which is one thing I like about riding a non motorized bike.

    I don't own a HT engine but all 2 strokes have a similar sound profile to a degree.
    I've experimented quite a bit with suppressors and can type mufflers albeit with mixed results. I've been able to quiet exhaust noise, sometimes to the point when engine performance becomes affected. Then also, once exhaust noise is reduced, intake noise becomes more apparent, that other hole in the cylinder, lol. I've been banging around some idea on that too, fabbing a cowling of sorts to fit over the carb/air cleaner.
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    lol. the dreaded intake noise....

    (the proper phrase is "pique your interest ;) " )
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    i have a great idea for the intake but need to quiet down the exhaust first.. i will draw blueprints and post them soon but now it is time for bed for me..
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    just....the water...where is your source of water? and moving it? keeping it cool? boats have an infinite supply of it....its a side effect of boats...

    on a bicycle...your 20kg of water will evaporate away faster than the fuel...
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    Flame-proofed diesels use a scrubber tank to arrest sparks.

    Its a big tank full of baffles and water.

    They are quite heavy and a high maintenance item.

    Bit must be fitted in mining and chemical plants ect.
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    well i will find out and research those. thanks wildemere.. and no headsmss i dont think the water will disolve that quickly because the exhaust gasses will be cool by the time it reaches the water.

    i broke my clutch arm spring thingy on the handle bar clutch lever.. i am making my own replacement for three bucks cuz the one it came with is junk.. i will show pics step by step and make a new thread when finished and post it in my pics album..
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    you could try to find a car (diesel) oil air filter and see how it works, thats for the intake problem,these filters suck the air trough a lot of oil, and its great for filter and also reduces the noise of the engine (diesel are very noisy as we know) im guessing that if you do the same for exhaust it will work just fine and the oil doesn´t evaporate as fast as the water