The Crash Course for MotoredBike NOOBs

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Heh... thanks guys!!

That re-write is coming soon, as usual. ;)

I'm hardly at the house anymore, but it's on my To Do list. Posts like yours only make me want to get to it quicker. :)

Thanks for the info. I'm new to autocycles. So, this will help me alot. Especially making sure that I break in the motor correctly and safely.
Thanks for the great post Sparky!

I just discovered it through your tagline.
Will review it in detail...

(Books are written abt the things I don't know!)
One of my favorite posts.... a great reference point. A very belated THANK YOU.
Sparky's encyclopedia

This is great stuff! Thanks. Very helpful.

P.S. I looked all day for a comparison on frame vs. rack mounts. Found it here.(y)
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