Chain Tensioner Ideas for a new chain tensioner?



So... everything on my schwinn chopper runs great except the tensioner. It just seems so inadequate. I think we could come up with something much higher quality and more ingenious.

I was looking at using a spiring type mechanism like as used in moutain bikes and stuff. The only problem is that once you start it...all the chain tension would push down the spring and jump off of have the chain go into your spokes or something catastrophic.

MY other idea would be a ratcheting spring loaded tensioner. This way the tensioner could only pick up slack in the chain rather than give it slack due to the springs compression.

Anyone else got a good idea? :D
today l spot welded the tensioner bolt so it won't slid up or down any more and it seems to work, will post some picks 2morrow.
I think a deraileur spring is way too stiff. The spring on my bike is very light,
just enough to ' encourage' the chain to stay in place. The tensioner belongs on
the bottom chain, as the top chain is subjected to torque. I left the deraileur on
my mountain bike, removed the stop, and cable, and am running a coaster brake wheel. If you live in a hilly area, you need a coaster brake.

The pedal side is due for a re-bop, soon as my new bike runs.
chain tensioner? we don't need no chain tensioners!

I got tired of dealing with the ones that came with the kits I have bought, so I simply replaced my rear dropouts with track bike dropouts. I also brazed a rear cantilever hanger on the crank side so it would still index. I tried to copy the placement of the rear wheel so it matched the set up I had on the bike before I switched it over. So far so good. I have got about a hundred miles on it and it seems to be holding up pretty well.

I did have a hard time changing the rear wheel when I had a flat, but I think that would have been a pain regardless. I was able to get home after I about an half hour of messing with it at the side of the road. Lucky for me I brought a shop rag (just in case) But I forgot my tire irons and had to use a screwdriver. I also carry a spare tube, because I hate patching tubes on the road.

On the first motor bicycle I put together I had a really bad tensioner pulley and after about ten miles it loosened up and went into the spokes. The one I replaced it with wore out after about fifty miles and the chain got stuck in between the cog and the spokes. I had to undo the motor chain and ride the bike back home on pedal power. Lucky for me it was all down hill from there.

So, with fingers crossed I will see how long this will hold, But it looks pretty good so far.

Thanks for verifying what I thought, the idler rollers do not last !

My stock [ sleeved ] one got destroyed in a chain break

The Ball Bearing Roller is shot after about 10 miles [ I may have had too much tension ] Used only the roller, nix to the bracketry .

A better Tensioner is badly needed, one that won't hit the spokes
For now, it's try, and buy time .
Pirate Cycles has a couple different chain tensioners, and while they look decent, they are not cheap. They might be worth every penny (I don't know), but they are not in my budget right now...
Here is my solution to a similar tension issue.


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